Girugamesh(ギルガメッシュ, Girugamesshu) is a J-rock metal base band that debut back in 06.They had release  16 singles, 4 albums and is a HotTopic favorite.Their latest singles are “Alive”, “Border”, and “Crying Rain” that have been release this year.Yes,I’ve been living under some rock cause this band is damn good.They already been in U.S back in 06 for J-Rock Revolution and is available on iTunes.Like Dir En Grey they didn’t change a damn thing but keep true to their metal spirits and enlighten U.S metal heads .Have a live DVD out called Crazy Crazy Crazy and will drop their new album Now the 16th of December.That would be a lovely X-mas gift for your grandmother.Thanks you a million times Tina for telling me about this band.




Crying Rain with English subs

Owari to Mirai





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