Aw, so SM Entertainment golden boys DBSK are still in legal war that doesn’t mean the label can make serious bank on their other artist.For a newly package  album by SM The 2nd Asia Tour Concert CD shows Super Junior in a new light.The boys did a total 160 for their high energy dance song “Sorry,Sorry-Answer” remix  into a Berry White type r&b vibe.The song alone is an addictive dance tune but a sexy r&b tune also? Wow who new the boys can do soulful r&b track. I’m really surprise by their highly impressive r&b vocals and sound.They have become the Asian Boyz II Men except with 13 members.I just hope Tae Yang would bust out with a soulful r&b song that could make hearts drop.

The song “It’s You” is quite emotional but its given a house techno remix.I kinda like it but that would be expected by Super Junior.So “Sorry,Sorry-Answer” is the most impressive body of work Super Junior has ever grace their vocals on.


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