Zeebra:The 9th Wonder

Zeebra is a Japanese rap artist that has pays his dues to be consider great.So why I place him #9 cause Korean rapper Tiger JK is the 8th Wonder of the World.Zeebra real name Hideyuki Yoki and was born in Tokyo,Japan.As a young child Zeebra train to be a tennis player and not really a hip hop star.Zeebra had a normal up bringing he was often tease and bully by his own fellow class mate.This teasing continue into his high school years and Zeebra called it quits.Zeebra found a passion for music specially hip hop and debut back in 95 with King Giddra.You can say they’re the few Japanese hip hop groups that made this particular genre popular in the “Land of the Rising Sun.”

Like in South Korea hip hop was slowly becoming popular and mostly supported by underground artist.Like South Korea in Japan culturally absorb the many positive and negative aspects of hip hop.There is two sides of hip hop “smart” (political) and “dumb” (commercial).King Giddra was the “smart” hip hop group speaking about political issues and social immoralities that young people face in Japan.They’re a nightmare to mainstream Japan for displaying such rebellion but saints to all those who were feeling the same.King Giddra didn’t last and disband by mid 2000’s.Zeebre has already establish a reputation and made his first stunt as a solo artist back in 98.When he appear on a Japanese show called Beats to the Ryme. Allowing to make his commercial debut in a Nike’s ad for an NBA Japan game promotions that earn his strips in the game.In the 2000’s he release his biggest single “Mr.Dynamite” and hasn’t looked back ever since.Thus far he has release 6 albums and 15 singles and also moon lighted as a producer.Zeebra keeps face by being mention in hip hop magazines related to genre lifestyle.Zeebra hasn’t been active since 08 and is active behind the scenes. He is also busy with being a father to four little munchkins and a husband.Zeebra is a key player when finding out Japanese hip hop and thus far one of best I’ve listen to yet.



“Luxury Ride” feat.Foxxi misQ

“Holiday” feat Boa


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