fanatics or psychotic?

When does one draw the line between the two and realize that the art of obsession is being used as a weapon.There is no doubt I’m guilty of girly fandom but never have I saw fans cross the thin line of psychotic disturb behavior.2pm’s Taecyeon fallen victim to a young fan who wrote a note in period blood to him.Then she posted this disgusting thing online for all to see and it was taken down by gross out fans request.MBLAQ’s Joon would have a bloody fan that would show the same type of devotion but at a more disturbing level.She posted and wrote..

“ㅋㅋ What up with Ok Taecyeon period letter? If you’re gonna do one, at least do it right ㅋㅋ How dirty. Period blood? Act your age ㅜㅜㅋ Don’t do that, but do it right. Do it right. Copying that ajumma who wrote that period letter”

“Lee Chang Sun (real name) don’t forget me, you are everything to me. I love you. Remember that. Soojin”

I don’t think Joon would find this flattering or amusing in any way or form.Their is one thing to support your favorite idol group but then another to cause bodily harm.I’m sure Joon would never accept this type of fanatic behavior and would most likely would advise  this young girl to seek out professional help.This grotesque act seems more like a cry for emotional help then dedication to Joon of MBLAQ.The only good thing is that the young girl had slit her wrist incorrectly to not cause heavy bleeding.I know Korean fans are sending her ugly messages but they should also tell her to get some therapy.

This type of behavior isn’t unusually by Korean fans doesn’t mean all do it or agree.I know you mostly likely read or seen stuff about a group of fans called “netizens” or net(internet) citizens.Basically someone like me who blogs or post about Asian pop stars.They’re many different type of netizens and ones I’m most discuss about are the stalking kind.Those who follow and wait taping idol stars in their daily life.Taking pictures without the idol stars permission or acknowledgment.Soemtimes this seem harmless but can easily turn into a frenzy when you have a large group of them.All major Asian nations have some form of netizens but Korean netizens take the cake.One minute they can be for something then totally hate that idol star or group the next.

My best examples of Korean netizens is YG vs Sony during the plagiarism accusation.It only took a few angry K-pop blogger to  point the figure of shame on YG entertainment.Discrediting the company’s image,it’s artists, and producers working under the label.Although no harsh legal action was taken against YG but it prove who really is in charge.Another is Jaebeom and his infamous MySpace comments.You know the netizens started this fiasco and simply went out for blood.Protesting against JYP and creating boycotts against the company’s merchandise.Even though they cause the disbandment with petition for Jaebeom to commit suicide it only seem reasonable for him to leave.Fans fail to have an understanding mind and was demanding JYP to bring Jaebeom back or else.That “else” didn’t affect the other six members of 2pm who has made a strong comeback.The downfall is that Jaebeom remains back home with his family in Seattle and fans posted videos of YouTube stalking his ever move.The videos have been pull thanks to violation or may have been false from the beginning.Groups like DBSK also fallen victim to over zealous fans and press taking advantage of them during their daily lives.If it wasn’t for the netizens then many of us wouldn’t have the insight to their unethical contract agreement with SM Entertainment.

So how do you define “fanatic” verse being “psychotic” in this new era of internet fandom?The internet has made everyone in the world just a click away but we are forgetting the human emotion.That these artist/entertainers are people who have lives outside the bright lights.They are the object of our desire but we do not own them.They don’t owe us anything but understand we are their bread and butter.These idol stars want our support even though the companies they work for wants our money.We shouldn’t subject our selves to inhuman behavior in order to satisfied some obsession.To the fans who stay level-headed and allow their artist right to privacy I highly respect your devotion.To those who go to a more disturbing level by harming yourself or stalking then I advise you to seek out help.Find some guidance in your life and realize that’s a human being your taking advantage.You can argue it comes with the territory but there is a limit to fanatic committing grotesque acts or stalking  isn’t require.

Stop DBSK for being stalk or voice more of your opinion.


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