Jay Chou

I’ve seen this name every where and really didn’t know the face.I mistaken him for being Chinese but he is very famous in China.Jay Chou is Taiwanese and is popular through out the  southeastern regions of Asia.You might remember him from 2006 Curse of the Golden Flower as Prince Jai.He will make another debut in American cinemas in 2010 The Green Horent as kato.Jay Chou has a list of things he has done since his presence in mainstream Asian pop culture that  even I didn’t realize.He is an actor,director and has his own book called Granduer de D Major. The book is his personal insight into his life,journey as an artist in Asia and his opinions on the music industry.Also on romantic relationships and a little methodology.I’m mostly focus on Jay’s unique music then his credit as an actor.Jay Chou first debut in 200o with his first album called Jay and really hasn’t slow down until 08 to focus more on his movies and television.Jay Chou’s music is a mixture of r&b,hip hop,pop,piano,classical,just about anything that is music minus the bullocks.So here is some stuff I’ve found floating around on YouTube.


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