What Should be Jaebeom Next Move?

So its true that Jaebeom ex-2pm leader isn’t coming back and fans are kinda disappointed.The good part is that 2pm has made such a strong comeback and is winning major music awards plus shows.Dominating Korean pop charts and making bank on unit sales.Jaebeom leaving was hurting but turn into a blessing in the end for 2pm.Since 2pm has move on as a six man group what is to be come of Jaebeom?I mean you can’t just be part of a well famous Korean idol group then disappear?I’m curious just as anybody else who is wondering what he’ll do next.He can’t go back to 2pm even though that seems a good idea.Honestly it would be awkward and fans may respond relentless then inviting.Nationalist haven’t forgot those MySpace comments and Jaebeom integrity as a performer will always be in question.Is he there for the money or is he perusing a dream?Could there be a possibility for Jaeboem to go solo?Instead of reuniting with his fellow 2pm members can he reintroduce himself as singer minus being part of any idol group?Would he find fan support and audience who would be open to his new found  independence?Fans are constantly comparing Jaebeom that once was the leader of 2pm and failing to realize he has  put that behind him.The moment seem to rule in favor of him staying home with his family in Seattle.Going about his daily routine as a non Korean pop star like he did once before.Did the MySpace comments controversy ruin his chances not just publicly but personally ever coming back to South Korea as an entertainer?I hope not by any means and support what ever decision he makes regardless.Returning back to 2pm, going solo or never coming back at all to the stage.He has the opportunity to work behind the scenes and develop a career not noticeable of the shiny lights.What do you think should be Jaebeom’s next move?


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