Which works best for CL?

She is my most favorite member of 2NE1 but lately she’s been looking kinda on the busted confuse side.When 2NE1 first debut they sorta had this B-girl type style minus the break dance moves.Mix in with some 80’s style colors and a little hint of bad high class fashion.For the most part each member had her own style that reflects on their personality.Park Bom had the short sassy and sometimes sexy mini skirt look.Dara had a more goof ball type of look and the infamous palm tree/apple hair.Minji had a B-girl look since she is the dancer of the group.While CL had Minji similar B-girl syle but was more hip hop and less pop.The girls seem to be playing characters lately then finding their “true’ style.Why because every week they keep changing it up in order to keep fans interested.Poor CL is really going all over the place to find some medium or am I being mean?

CL has nice hair and its super long but lately shes been sporting this weird girly pigtails look.I’m not totally feeling this look cause it makes her look younger and childish.She is the fierce sassy leader of 2NE1 who should be ready to rule the mic not the playground.The first look is cute but I feel its to fake and doesn’t really fit her personality.CL second look makes her more womanly and properly accents her light skin tone making her more warm.CL third look has more bangs going evenly across but is kinda boring.The one key factor is that CL should always have bangs because she is cross eyed.The bangs will give the illusion that her eyes are always on focus but should not over power her face.

The first look is just horrible and badly put together for a “sexy.” CL is wearing a bathing suit,grandma style panty hose and an over size vest.CL hair is so flat and lifeless its a sight to create sore eyes.This isn’t sexy or sassy just plan tacky and only a street walker would be caught dead wearing that hot mess.CL second look is what we are all used to seeing her skinny jeans/T-Shirt top/jacket.Very basic but it fits 2NE1 style and CL looks way more comfortable not awkward compare to the first look.CL third look is cute and she is on the right track to finding a more girly style.This look is just to childish and she is in her early 20’s not in her teens anymore.She should really look up to Park Bom to find some balance of feminine fashion that is appropriate for her age.That look would be great for Minji since she is 15/16 years old not a young lady approaching her 20’s.So which is best?

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