G-Dragon Playing with Fire

They say your attitude determines your latitude,I’m high as a motherfucker ,fly as a motherfucker,And still the motherfucker you love to  hate, But can’t because you love what I make,Now ain’t that about a bitch and I’ma talk shit until I’m outta hits,They don’t wanna turn they speakers up,they claim I ain’t deep enough,All that talkin I feed off of,Keep it up”Kanye West part in “You Ain’t Gotta Ask” feat.Lil Wayne,T.I,Jay-Z

I mention how YG artist was not even part of this passing Golden Disk Awards but is the label pushing people’s buttons?Seems G-dragon and 2NE1 didn’t have a chance or any other YG artist at GDA.Could this sudden neglectful behavior from the media cause by the golden boy himself G-Dragon?A couple months back G-Dragon album HeartBreaker was given the “Rated R” mature audience only purchase restriction.That means kids under 18 or 19 years of age can not purchase G-Dragon’s album without an adult.This was order by South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare division after the album was deem “inappropriate for children”.Pretty much like placing that annoying “Parental Advisory” sticker that was enforced during Regan administration back in the late 80’s.Censor out genre’s like gangster rap and rock music that was litter with violent,sexual and other explicit content.

In America that is why most labels develop censor and uncensored CDs available to the public for purchase with the Parental Advisory sticker. South Korea’s music industry is still in its infancy and is making G-Dragon’s HeartBreaker its target.G-Dragon infamous concert performance has created quite the back lash for government officials who place G-Dragon’s music for adult only.The concert was 12 years of age and up not every one was an adult in the audience.G-Dragon was trying to be sexual and little artsy in his form of entertainment but government officials want him shut down.He could pay fines up to 200,000 for his indecent lustful performance at his solo concert.YG apologize in behalf of G-Dragon’s over zealous performance

“We came in contact with an article that said the Korean Family Health Department requested that G-Dragon’s solo concert be examined in further detail for violating the child protection law and sexual promiscuity performance,” said YGE.

“We should have considered the extreme impact popular culture can have on young adults. We are sincerely sorry for the controversy and have no intentions of putting the blame on other people or making excuses in order to refuse responsibility. YG will cooperate willingly with any investigations, and we accept all responsibility for the controversy.”

“Also, although this is a separate matter from the controversy, we would like to mention that for a lot of artists, a solo concert is a big dream as well as a big pressure for them. Usually on music programs, they perform a couple of songs, whereas in a solo concert, an artist must lead the audience for more than 2 hours by himself. We feel that artists feel pressured to show extreme performances in some cases due to the huge amount of expectation put on them.”

“In the concert DVD, all controversial scenes that were deemed inappropriate will be excluded or edited. We apologize once again for the trouble caused, and will take extreme caution to avoid causing any sort of controversy similar to this in the future. Thank you.”

You can say South Korea is a right wing (red color) state of mind.G-Dragon isn’t the first YG artist to be censor due to inappropriate content.Taebin “Tabu” feat Teddy was cut from being played on air waves and music channels having sexual content.T-ara “Bo Peep Bo Peep” has two version a sexy and a clean.Only the clean version of this single is being aired on music channels.Drunken Tiger when they first debut was almost put to silence when their first album was deem inappropriate.DBSK song “Mirotic” was also under question and was being heavily censor.South Korea will not have sex on it’s air waves,small tubes or in concert.Just not like in America where artist has more freedom and liberty to do as they please with speech.South Korea is still under going laws that protect children and adults from sex trafficking finally making acknowledgment to enforce more strict harsher laws.I just wonder when is this G-Dragon fiasco gonna stop?When is YG gonna catch a break and stop being an easy target for controversy?This point i’m sorta feed up with how K-pop has such heavy censorship?Something gotta break for these artist who want to do their own thing.


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