CopyRight Clean Concert

Koreans have a sense of humor but still don’t have a taste for sex sorry G-Dragon.MBC who is the network that broadcast shows like Music Core has hold a special concert event.Along with is the celebration of “legal” music downloading.K-pop rookies shine along with a few comeback stars share the stage to kick off the campaign.You’ll think YG Entertainment after being shut out at this years Golden Disk Award(possibly others) would be eager to perform.This would help clear their name of the plagiarism and rest of the other recent fiasco.No, I’m guessing illegal downloading doesn’t apply to YG.In fact I notice YG does very little to non charitably work either,wankstas.Doesn’t involve a promotion of their artist they wont do it at all.

2pm performs their hit song “HeartBeat” I so want Taecyeon badly.Rap this pretty boy with a bright red bow and ship him off to Florida PLEASE! Hard to find nice looking guys that yu can eat off their six pack abs.

To add a bonus to the madness “10 out of 10” with a mini MV as the new 2pm six man crew.Still Love Jay!

OMG, will I ever escape SHINee no but the boys perform their song “JoJo” eh its okay.

Beast is slowly starting to impress me with “Mystery”,I’m a sucker for pretty boys in black suits.

MBLAQ switch up their wardrobe for “G.O.O.D Luv” and being more playful with audience.The boys had their fist pumping and fan girls going ape shit.Note:Joon still had his parachute pants on,waiting for that MC Hammer time dance moment.

Newbie girl group Secret made a thrid go around with “I Want You Back” I don’t think the track is sold enough.

What the hell is with T-ara and creepy stuff animal gloves for”Bo Peep Bo Peep”? They are truly toying with their image so much its eye soaring.I wish they get their sexy look back stop looking like a bunch of 12 year old girls.They’re in their 20’s not ready to enter middle school.I can not  believe this was the same female group that team up with Supernova’s “Time To Love(TTL)” track.

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