2NE1 makes Nice with MNet and CYWorld

2NE1 must be famous after having a Thailand girl group make a mockery out of their image and sound.Even though the girls success was left unnoticed at this years Golden Disk Awards.How can 2NE1 be left out when they made bank with hits like “Fire” and “I Don’t Care”? Don’t fret the girls are still getting creditability for their fist mini self titled album.MNet who had aired YG TV has granted the girls as Artist Of The Year according to network head boss Goom Gi Hoon and made this statement to confirm.

“This was the year of the girl groups and 2NE1 was always a hot topic ever since their introduction as the female Big Bang.”

That is true 2NE1 has gain popularity very quickly for mirroring their bigger well-known label mates Big Bang.Even though 2NE1 and rest of YG artist that debut this year made nice on MNet’s MAMA seems they will always have a spot on music channels.Groups like 2NE1 were made for this type of commercial exposure overload the only problem is keeping up with the hype.This year has been one hell of a fight year for YG and its artist with plagiarism accusations. 2NE1 counter back with releasing a sleeper single”In The Club” to end their promotions on a good note. 2NE1 has dominated online music charts ranking in the top 10 spots.On Korean music charts they have broken the top 20 so they have made impressive progress for a rookie band.

Despite all this commercial success 2NE1 push back their full album release until next year and release a string of solo songs.Park Bom is taking most of the spot light for her solo single “You and I’ at CYWorld Digital Music Award for Song of The Month.Cl and Minji duet single “Please Don’t Go” has rank #2 on Mobile phone single charts.This is all really small beans but has sound wise given each member their own individuality.Next year will be a more difficult task of repeating the same  level of success if not higher.Big Bang has gain a quick popularity because they continue to be present in K-pop scene.Whether its through an EP,solo albums or full album releases.Big Bang move on to develop status in Japan and as actors giving 2NE1 the opportunity to dominate without being over shadow.Note YG has a terrible track history with keeping good promotion with their artist.Thus far Big Bang has been soaking up most of the attention for past 5 year plus.The only other groups that was ever so “well” taken care of was Jinusean and 1tym that remain non active at the moment.It’s obvious that YG after 5 years will drop their activity with an artist or group then move on making the next big thing.YG has place all their eggs in Big Bang’s and 2NE1’s basket to keep the label steady and a float.This is a new era of fandom and fans can easily become bored quickly.Their sophomore album will prove they have stability in this chaotic K-pop scene.

Bonus: Park Bom’s CYWorld Digital Music Win and interview for “You and I”

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