Black Asia

American Hip Hop LegendsNo doubt in my mind hip hop is becoming a popular genre in the far east Asian nations.South Korea already has labels and idol stars who master in this field.While areas like Japan take their devotion and love for hip hop at a whole different level.In China,Thailand and rest of Asia slowly catches on to popular U.S trend.In America hip hop started on streets of New York in the late 70’s.Since then has developed into a sub culture having its own musical style,fashion trend,dancing,behavioral customs and language.Hip hop is more then some genre entertainment firms can cash on but a lifestyle many of its listener follow.

Hip hop in U.S is mostly male Black/African American dominated.Since its debut in 70’s hip hop audience has grown and is popular in nations all over the world.The main reason why hip hp has become so popular is that you can mix it with anything.Pop,,retro,techno,etc.. if its got a beat any rapper can use it in their songs.American Rapper/fashion line owner/label C.E.O for Def jamMusic imitates life and hip hop has diffidently did an excellent job.In 80’s hip hop was about good times,relationships, and political injustice against minorities in U.S.Hip hop help develop more labels that minorities can star and/or own themselves.This has made it attractive to people of other cultures and also quickly popular in mainstream media.

There is an ugly side to hip hop and a dangerous trend that is repeating it self foolishly in other nations.Gangster rap has it pros at portraying real life growing up in the ghettos but it also glorifies racial stereotypes.Those of Hispanic and Black/African community find themselves split between the middle.This concerns me since Asia having such a low population of  those Latino and Black/African heritage are getting the wrong type of message.That idol groups and hip hop artist are taking advantage of those Asian fans naive nature and lack of outside cultural experiences.So here is a list of things that I find rather odd and down right offensive that Asian hip hop lovers should avoid.

Gangstaliscious or Just Stupid?

1)When I first saw 1tym I wasn’t that interested by them but felt more confuse.In their music video”Do You Know Me” 1tym portrays themselves as a gang.While this was cute and all to fans who seen this back in 05  and felt that 1tym was being ‘gangster” rap super stars.I felt the music video was hilarious but find it total garbage at the same time.The boys were dress in black Dickie clothing,white t-shits with bandannas,and wailing fake guns.While fans know they are Korean any outside Asian fans would think they are “cholos“.Those who are Cholo are Mexican and are sometimes thugs.The cholo have a negative image cause only a few are thugs.Another characteristic that cholo gang and non gang members have is the influence of catholic imagery tattoo on their bodies.Their ink is usually done only in black or gray shade tattooing.I don’t know why Jinhwan was trying to portray or Taebin crazy weird “z” thing.

Seems many Asian hip hop artist are interested in looking like thugs but at one point its just straight over kill.I think 1tym was really trying to look and be more tougher not to offend those of Hispanic community.Think about 1tym aren’t thugs just over zealous hip hp fans.I don’t think pretty Taebin was a hustler or Jinhwan.Baek Kyoung is fierce but simply a sweet heart.Teddy made seem hardcore under neath his six layers of clothing he is really just a nerd.

Commercial Use of the N Word

2)The word “nigga” is a slang variation from the nasty word “nigger” that a racist would call someone who is Black/African or Latin heritage.This word is heavily commercialize  by U.S hip hop artist and in society often times getting brush off as no big deal.Once some non Black or Hispanic use this word it quickly becomes offensive and causes riots.Japanese hop hop fans like to call themselves “jiggers”, Koreans just use “nigga.” I don’t agree with the usage of this word or making an variation to your own ethnicity to make it more appealing.I’ve heard Korean hip hop artist use nigga and felt so offended.I’m not one of those types to say only Black or Latino people should use this word cause NO BODY should say this in order to sound cool.I was disappointed when I hear Teddy and Taebin use this word in “Ready or Not Yo” I honestly wanted to punch them in the face.Don’t use this word your not funny or cute you only look ignorant.

s a baby.

Rapper KO just totally prove my point don’t you agree?

Identity Crisis

3)I know I tilted this “Black Asia” but some Asian can take this a little to far for my taste.In Japan hip hop lovers  started this weird trend “black face”.In the past “black face” was a way to insult those who were African and use in racist comedy skits in America during the 20’s through 50’s.There is also “yellow face” to portray those who are Asian decent.Black and yellow face painting was created so Caucasian actors can perform someone of another ethnicity without hiring that minority actor.The Japanese don’t do this as an act of racism but to seem more Black.Also dressing in hip hp fashion and mocking known or stereotypical speak styles.All Asian hip hop artist immigrate some form of Black/African American characteristic into their artsy.There is always the debate whether or not this is just feeding stereotypical behaviors and being mistaken as having “blackness”.Viewing those of  the Black/African American community as “trendy” and not an intelligent group of people.

*They are not trying to be racist*

I understand how adapting another culture customs can seem fun to do if not rebellious.I like how hip hop is becoming so popular and to see Asians have a curiosity for Latin and/or Black/African culture.Many of this being imported from U.S one must be ever so careful from taking it to far.America still has a lot of racism present in their media.Many hip hop artist have no care to be “politically responsible” that is no excuse to behave in such an ignorant matter.I’m sure Asians would not like me to slant my eyes and say”Ping Pong Cong Wong” or were yellow face paint.I wouldn’t want someone to act in such foolish behavior in order to impress me either.I think the best thing to do is be more exploratory in the history of another ethnic culture.Even though I am listening to Asian music I’m actually taking the time out to learn the heritage.I’m proud of my Latin roots but I see the world as my playground.I never follow trends or relay on them to be my representation of people.This is a small world we live it but a very fascinating one.We shouldn’t result to stereotypes or racial ignorance to express our weird obsession but respect each others boundaries.


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  2. NoeLee
    Jan 05, 2010 @ 01:37:52

    Powerful stuff.

    I am now left confused of what would be offensive and what you could consider as a compliment or empowerment.

    Makes me wonder if a website title I was thinking of (I Got Rice) would be considered offensive :-\. Ahh. Give me your opinion on that :P. (Seriously).


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