G-Dragon in Deep Poop

The investigation on G-Dragon past solo concert were he display sexual deviant behavior in front of a minor crowd is in the works.The prosecutor Representative for  Ministry of Health and  Welfare made these statement on progress thus far.

We are in the process of reviewing all charges and examining the data. At this point however, we cannot say how long the investigation will take.Depending on the outcome of the initial examination, the offender may be summoned for further investigation.

This is far more serious than plagiarism accusation or not receiving any awards at other music shows not related to MNet.HeartBreaker was South Korea’s top-selling album G-Dragon has become nothing more than controversial.The album was giving a mature rating due to some lyrical content that was deemed as “offensive” and/or having “sexual overtones” for a younger audience viewing.Early this December G-Dragon hold his first solo concert and that’s when things spiral out of control.The only reason why the  Ministry of Health and Welfare are coming after G-Dragon because he had minors in his audience.That means G-Dragon was not only performing songs that was consider inappropriate but also perform insulating sexual acts.

Most concert halls and vendors can and often times will enforce age restriction on their tickets sales.The performer or that artist company has to request these restriction.This means if G-Dragon target audience is minors under the age of 18 may not be able to attend.Most label management companies will do everything in their power to avoid such hassle.YG Entertainment and G-Dragon has knowledge that minors will be attending this concert then they must follow the age restrictions requirements deem by that city or national law.The prosecutor job in this case it to figure out whether or not G-Dragon sexual performance was done with malice knowing he had to apply to these age restriction laws.G-Dragon is found guilty he will have to pay a fine worth 200,00 or over depending how much damages was accumulated.He is lucky to face that verse not being able to perform up to one or  two years straight.My complaint is why G-Dragon was allowed to do this in the first place?YG Entertainment is his management and label,why didn’t they protect him from this  type of legal black lash?You can not be this ignorant and desperate for money that you would risk the well-being of your artist and fans.This will not only tarnish G-Dragon’s image if found guilty but YG Entertainment.Thus far YG Entertainment is becoming more of an embarrassment that poorly represent its artists and Korean mainstream media.G-Dragon doesn’t deserve this type of treatment and YG need to stop playing it dumb and wise the f#%k up.



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