Remembering 1tym

Its been a while since 1tym has grace the stage as all four members.Seems nowadays the boys,I mean men are keeping a low profile.Each member has move on to different avenues in their lives. Teddy is the only one still active under YG label but as a producer.I didn’t have the chance to enjoy 1tym when they were at their prime nor before the hiatus.So I watch old 1tym videos to sorta catch up with the rest of the fans.There is one when they had self cams that made me laugh my ass off.

Rare moment to see Jinhwan take spotlight and its not for dancing.I swear he has the nicest smile even though his two front  teeth are fake.Every time he smiles his eyes lit up and you start to see he is really a handsome guy.

I know they are guys but when someone is filming where you live maybe you should tighty up a bit.I mean it isn’t hard to realize when your undies are out for all to see making it an awkward moment.Teddy is just one awkward,geeky guy who is seriously messy.I believe when 1tym started out Baek Kyoung after a month living with the other members was so fed up with their messes he left.I kinda don’t blame him cause it does reflect on your personality,sends out the wrong message.

Still missing yeah 1tym T_T


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