FT Island Hongki Bloody Fan

So Taecyeon gets the nasty period girl,MBLAQ’s Joon gets the suicidal weirdo and Hongki gets a finger bleeder.There is this new trend slowly starting to develop as fans post pictures of self-mutilation then writing fan letters in their own blood.Why K-pop fans have become so desperate to do such harmful things in order to get the attention of their favorite Korean star?The young girl left her bloody message for all to see that reads.

Lee Honki, you know that I love you right?

Really,cause I don’t think he loves you to cut yourself.What happen to making pretty glitter signs or wallpaper?What’s with the sudden need to create this nasty gory little oppas.This reminds me of a Japanese movie called Suicide Club.The movie is best on the ever-growing popularity of bad generic pop music.A string of suicide attempts began to happen after a kiddie girl group appears.Fans became so obsesses with the female group they started committing suicide and saying “I join the Suicide Club.”The kiddie female group left subliminal messages in their music to meet them once they figure out the “true intention” of their music.Once you have figure out the girls riddle and meet them they collect a piece of your skin.Afterwords fans end up committing suicide and the pieces of skin show up at the crime scene.The Japanese way of alarming people of the brain wash ways of mainstream pop culture.Hopefully no fan gets the idea of killing themselves to prove some sick fandom.Then again who knows people these days are desperate for anything and will do anything to make a name of themselves.


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