Dynamic Duo

Dynamic Duo is a mad rapping duo from SK that has way better skills than YG could freaking handle.Like most super talented groups K-pop scene rarely notice their capabilities.The duo is Choiza and Gaeko who are both college bond men.They started underground in the Korean hip hop scene with CBMASS crew then branch out as Dynamic Duo.The group change their sound a bit to be more audience friendly but still staying to their hip hop roots.In 05 they release their first album Taxi Driver that feature the cover song to Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell” vocals by Brown Eyed Soul.The video mirror Beastie Boys,The Exorcist, old school Kong Fu movies and a slew of other weird things.In 06 they release Double Dynamite-Operating Manual but 07 Enlightened made DD infamous.The song feature hits like “Chul Check” and was repacked as Love is Enlightened . In 08 they release Last days and GONE(New Ways Always) making their mark on Korea’s growing hip hop scene.

In 09 they release which most can consider their best albums yet Ballad of The Fallen Part1 and Dynamic Duo Series 5:Band of Dynamic Brothers.Sill representing those of the underground feature the best  Korean MC’s around.Dynamic Duo is a group heavily influence by America hip hop but uniquely incorporate other different styles.Bringing back proper reggae,dance,club,gangsta,and my most favorite Disco. Without over sampling or drowning it down with generic pop beats.You can honestly say Dynamic Duo is the most under established hip hop act out there.Dynamic Duo is part of the Movement which features Drunken Tiger,Tasha(T) and Epik High just to name a few.They still get out beat by wannabe hip hop/pop commercialize acts like Big Bang(no offense).Dynamic Duo are pioneers of their own trend and music.Minus if mainstream music channels fail to notice their greatness.Dynamic Duo is the main artist for Amoeba Culture, an underground label like Epik High’s Map of The Soul.

Official Site

Ballad of The Fallen Part 1

“Beyond he Wall”

“L.B.A Love Breaking Apart”

Dynamic Duo Series 5: Band of Dynamic Brothers

“Sauna” feat.E-Sens



*Photo Credit Amoeda Culture*


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nai
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 22:39:29

    Why do you always mention YG? You know, there is a way for you to bring up other rappers without bringing YG rappers down.


  2. spazifyouwantto
    Jan 04, 2010 @ 04:40:44

    Big Bang is pop and even Suk consider them more as a pop act.If you listen to their music it does have a more pop music flare and r&b.TOP and G-Dragon are the biggest hip hop lovers in the group.My only beef with YG is they never really take them all the way with hip hop.

    I love TOP voice and he has love for mic.Next year he is to release a solo song.I just hope its a real hip hop song that isn’t overtone with pop beats.

    Stony Skunk is brilliant reggae hip hop duo but finding info is hard.YMGA and Masta Wu are my favorites but they are not active.YG has good artist but they focus to much on pop and commercialization.I’ll easy up off them but there is more to YG then Big bang and 2NE1.

    Totally respect your opinion.


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