Talentless,Tackey,and Tasteless

Korean singer Ivy is known for being sexy and after that little stunt she pulled at this years MAMA will keep viewers all eyes on her.The diva veteran on MNet’s Ivy Back reality show special has the singer giving out advice to wannabe K-pop stars.

If you can sing, be a singer, but if you can’t, don’t. If you don’t heed my advice, I will punish you.When I see an aspiring singer who can’t sing, I feel like that the person only wants to become a singer to become a celebrity.

How very bold but wise of her to say since nowadays it’s all about the looks and “getting money.” To add a little more fuel to the fire netizens went further by blogging and pointing the finger of talentless shame.

“Dambi, Ivy is calling for you~~”
“Honestly, Ivy sounds good live. I’m neither an anti or a fan, but I think she’s right…”
“This kind of advice can only be given by a capable person like Ivy herself…”
“Gyuri, Goo Hara, Yoona, Jessica, Sandara Park, Seung Ri, Sohee, Taecyeon, Nichkhun, Chansung, Super Junior, Minho, Hyung Joon… are you listening?”

Netizens are just out for some damn blood this holiday season but it’s kinda hard to disagree.Although the requirements to be an idol star isn’t much but at some point there has to be more underneath the surface.Notice how Dara(Sandara Park) and Seung Ri Big Bang get mention.This spark my memory bank from a comment that YG Entertainment C.E.O Yang Hyun Suk in regarding to Big Bang DaeSung for lacking boyish good looks.

“…I have a different standard from the rest of the industry, who opt for pretty or handsome members. I believe appearance comes second to skill….”Some people may see him as ugly, but I find DaeSung very attractive. I have a clear difference from stylized norms. I want to destroy the existing norms and standards through 2NE1.”

Daeung isn’t ugly and I find him attractive cause he has nice eyes but a beautiful deep soulful male voice.As for 2NE1 being the leading group to break all K-pop taboos Suk seems kinda full of himself.Really,2NE1 has the most generic hip hop sample beats I ever heard,no offense Teddy.They are not totally talentless and tacky dress hams soaking up all the unnecessary attention.

I think the netizens took Ivy comment and simply went tasteless at pointing out K-pop stars.There is not doubt that the K-pop world is superficial and their artist are just made up Barbie dolls.In this new crazy  music industry just about any body can be a star and struck gold.Auto Tune has allowed non singers have the ability to sing and the master of this decade is American hip hop star T-pain.You can also point out acts like Lady Gaga but that crazy chica can sing better than Brittney Spears.The world is becoming a much smaller more cramp place to be in thanks to the internet.I think Teddy best states  in his slightly off use of analogies.

I’m guessing the nasty back lash against K-pop stars are fans who are sorta fed up with artist not quite preaching what they speak.The music industry is deprive,starved and constantly searching for that next raw talent to  break us out of musical depression.This new wave, new form of producing has some what killed the whole music enjoyment experience and place dollars signs on every listeners head.I understand the importance of excepting modern ways and trends but you should never forget the roots of composing.Instead of flooding your head with what is in “now” learn what was once “before.”I’m not some snotty classical train string musician taking cheap shots at amateur  music producers.Doesn’t hurt to listen to some Beethoven,Bach and Mozart to help inspired you for originality.The idea of music trends came form the classical ear when the world was divided.By social classes that had themes fitted for that decade.Tribal or ethnic music should be explored to the fullest not just scratch at the surface.Netizens want K-pop stars who can “wow” them not constantly sell them their image or some useless product.These producers should find some balance and take the time out to study music instead of just manufacturing recycle trends.

Source:AllKpop Ivy Quote , SeoulBeat YG Quote , YGOneLove Teddy Quote


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  1. Maria Toivola
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 14:28:45

    Why Jessica and Gyuri? They can sing! Especially jess! Some members of super junior can sing! but i do agree, i dont like seeing talentless idols on stage, as much as i love Daras personality she cannot sing, yoona cant sing, uee cannot sing,sohee isnt realy a good singer,nichkhun is not that bad, Yuri cant sing but atleats shes better then Yoona Hyoyeon and Sooyoung, Goo Hara cant sing at all (probaly the worst k-pop singer),and many others such as sulli, victoria and Minho. Some of these make up with their dancing, like Hyoyeon and Victoria, but the rest are like bleeh. Im not haiting , i know they all have worked realy hard to become singers, but they should know them selfs that they cant sing. There are probaly alot of talented trainees that are getting cut because of the pretty faced ones. Companies should chose Talent over Looks!!!!!


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