Return of Freestyle

Seems hip hop is going back to its roots and taking the noise back onto the street from which it came.There is nothing more difficult then doing a freestyle rap and battling another MC who just might set you a blaze.Dombfoundead is a slick freestyle MC who can rhyme with harmony and sting.While Tantrum lives up to his name by being more aggressive and giving the K.O to any sucka MC who dares to battle.Last year the two underground Asian rappers took battle in a YouTube segment for Grind Time.I gotta say the vulgar display of lyrical power is quite present in both artist.

Seems when your hungry more willing to search and kill for your food.Dumbfoundead and Tantrum path way to freestyle enlightenment is how some bigger well known name hip hop artist earn their stripes.Eminem,50 cent,and Lil Wayne are just a few who took their rapping abilities to the streets before hitting the studio.In a follow up interview tape a year later after the Grind Time freestyle battle clip the boys seem to be fair friends.

Hip hop once thrive on the importance of creativity and talent to lyrically blow minds then beats.There is still a few who follow the old school philosophy and manage to developed a respectable image without glory of fame.They may not be mega super stars but they have very much earn the respect of fellow peers who are aspired by them.

Dumbfoundead Myspace

Tantrum Myspace



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