SNSD or Idol Girls?

So K-pop idol groups are really loved in China so badly they are copy.The third pop group to copycat is China’s Idol Girl which is the evil Asian twin to South Korean Girl’s Generation aka SNSD.What the bleep is going on in the far east?The industry so desperate, money hungry, and deprive they would start coping off each other? Yeah why not I mean if you can sample then you can get way with copycatting.SNSD is under the evil SM entertainment maybe Idol Girls are getting better treatment.(laughing)

Wow,really damn SNSD just got copycat but I did try to find out Idol Girls music.

I believe the title of this song is called “Age of Innocence” or that could be the name of their EP.Either way I can not read Chinese  characters to save my life.I kinda think Idol Girls is  cute and have the ability to handle their own if they would just stop ripping off SNSD.

My memory tells me that 2Ne1,Big Bang and SNSD aren’t the first to have an evil Asian twin.Chinese Singer Xiao Ming copy Bi aka rain forth album cover.Huang Xiao Ming can pretty much hold his own as a singer.So eventually these copycats are gonna have to find their own image and voice before fans get fed up with the rip off.


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