Who Is Mayda?

I tend to post about mostly overseas Korean stars that specialize in commercial pop/hip hop/dance music but Mayda is a state side gem.Mayda is an independent free-spirited artist that some what did things the traditional way.Adopted Mayda is Korean and native to mainland.When she was young she study piano but quickly found I love for the guitar.Mayda didn’t take guitar lesson instead learn by ear which is a difficult task.She latter join a female group call Sugar Divas that had fail.This didn’t stop her form continuing on her dream and creating her own type of sound.She revamp herself as a fierce female soloist that could also play the axe.This passing November Mayda drop her latest EP Eyes On The Water.She has also tour with hip hop Denmark group Alliancen and appear on local radio station.She isn’t to shy about the lame light and has appear on Rachael Ray Show and Good Morning America.Mayda is an aspiring person that has no fear with being real.There is still hope for real music that comes from the soul and not made to rob our wallets.I hope you’ll enjoy her unique blend or take deep from her words of wisdom.

MySpace Page


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