WTF Jaebeom

2pm fans and Hottest celebrate 100 bitter days with out their faithful leader Jaebeom(Jay Park).He’s been active just not in 2pm but with a B-boy dance crew called Art of Movement(AOM).Jay been spotted all over Seattle at these B-boy competition pretty much going about his business.Fans have been uploading videos by Youtube of his dance crew AOM in order to keep a close eye on him.In recent reports according to some random rumor that 2pm will be splitting their profits with Jay.Even though 2pm’s album 1:59 pm Jay isn’t present nor worked on this album.Still the remaining six members  wanna split the profits from unit sales with their former leader.An Insider had this to say

They want to share this moment with Jaebeom. There’s no other purpose. It’s not about the amount of money, so please just look at their kindness.”

I kinda find this hard to believe that 2pm would have so much control over how their salaries will be split.Last time I check JYP Entertainment has finally say and this would be a separated issue.Jay choosing to leave the group should not affect how profits would be split nor have any to be earn.Each member individually can give Jay some spare change or a personal loan.This doesn’t seem like the action of an entertainment firm or wise move by 2pm.Like DBSK contract the boys may or may not have to meet a quota.If the contract is base on a quota then only those who are active in the group gets paid because they work.With the leaving of Jay this does mean a change in contract agreement between JYP and remaining members of 2pm. I believe JYP still has five-year contract agreements like YG and is only active as long that artist commits by completing the requirements.

The more I read the more I have my suspicions that this is just netizens not yet over Jay leaving 2pm.JYP and Jay would have to renegotiate a new contract agreement minus 2pm since the original has been breach.Jay was coming back then JYP would not allow the proceedings of 2pm to be a six man band.There is a lot of legal mater that would seem complicated if not a little unfair to the other members.The other six members who are active in 2pm would be rob of their fair shares if Jay receives profits for work he didn’t do.This act is actually considered to be illegal and deem as unethical contract agreement.This implies  JYP can pick and choose anyone to receive profits even though they did not contribute to the requirements or agreements define in the articles/clauses.The boys can give Jay money personally in a favor verse being a legal binding process.Judging by 2pm and Jay’s action both sides have move on to next thing.2pm fans are so desperate to have Jay back they are not really thinking clearly.Do you honestly think JYP would allow Jay to receive profits legally from 2pm after he has quit the band?

I understand 2pm fans and their desire to have him back but I still feel its a no.For the moment Jay’s priority is in AOM not in reuniting with 2pm.Jay is to comeback then the promotion period for 1:59pm would have to end because Jay legally can not seek profits.Bad enough he left the group and JYP allow 2pm to continue as a six man band but then comeback?That is just more confusion and some serious shady behavior by JYP that could quickly back fire.


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