Korea WTF?

I’ve been seeing article about Korean pop artist who are good at dance/singing may posses “Black Genes.” Really,could you be so damn ignorant to honestly believe in that notation.Apparently some Asians just might verse the few who can use some common sense.I’ve type an article earlier this week about the influence of Black/African dominated music genre sparking major interest in Asia.Although this is a good thing some racism still lingers and then my suspicions were confirmed after reading a an article in Seoulbeats. At first I wasn’t going to read the damn article because it seem another racial nonsense but the author did an excellent job by not doing that.You must understand this issue pops up a lot in Asian base websites and forums constantly.Whether its interracial dating or Asian entertainers competing in Black/African-American dominated genres in the U.S.There is no doubt that Asians have an interest for other ethnicity but its how you go about understanding these other ethnic cultures.This all was kinda popping up when JYP was paying compliments to YG artist Tae Yang singing and dancing capabilities.

I don’t think Tae Yang is so good at dancing because he posses these so-called “Black genes.” The background that I know of Tae yang is that he practice his ass off.He is fully Korean but he learn his skill the old fashion way.By studying choreography and keeping his eye on K-pop gold.Does this mean the Koreans under YG label all posses this mystery “Black gene?” This is why Stony Skunk members Skull and Kush can rap reggae style? Why 1tym,Jinusean and YMGA members can all rap also?What about Big Bang and 2NE1 only a few has amazing talent in r&b/soulful vocals and dancing skills?what about other Korean artist like Dynamic Duo,Tiger JK,Epik High,Brown Eyed Girls,Brave Brothers,etc…do they to posses this “Black gene?” What about me I have Black in me but I can’t sing and I have two left feet?Was I freaking cheated on the deal of having amazing talent?

You can’t racially classified ones entertainment abilities because they may posses another ethnicity genes.There is no scientific proof of racial dominance in genes cause it doesn’t exist.I hope this concept of having “Black genes’ will die a horrible death by 2010.Koreans shouldn’t discredit their entertainers ability to dance cause they may have Black in them.Music and dancing is something that can be learned like anything else.If you have a passion for it,invest in the time and patience then you will reap the rewards of dedication can bring.Music and dancing is universal that can be master by anyone regardless of race.That is one of  the many good things that exist in Black/African-American culture people all over the world has recognize.Now also realize the great speakers,civil rights leaders, and how we over come racial oppression.Unity and strength comes from a community that works together achieving the same goal.Doesn’t matter who is part of your community as long you thrive for greatness.Those are the morals I was raise with growing up in a Black/Hispanic family living in Southern regions of  the U.S.Take in these characteristic and figure out how to uplift your community not dumb them down.


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