2NE1 Speaks Their Peace

Although they got everyone attention with hit songs like “Lollipop”,”Fire” and “I Don’t Care”. I think 2Ne1 realize just how very lucky they are to break unit sales.Standing out from the swarm of new female idol groups and claiming victory with their solo songs.I still barely know 2NE1 as a group since the sudden rush for solo singles and MVs.In an interview each memebr spill the beans about their up coming next album and have a little chat about boys.

-All the members’ solo singles have reached #1 at one point. What is your reaction and is there a specific music style you would like to experiment with in the future?
Sandara Park: Before the songs were released, we would be very nervous. However, many people enjoyed each track so we were able to gain more confidence as a result. It was also nice to reveal our own colors. Personally, I really want to perform a song like In the Club again, where we can showcase our singing plentifully.
Park Bom: After Dara released her solo single and reached #1, my solo single was revealed next. To be honest, I initially felt insecure. However, You and I received such a good response the moment it was released that I felt really good. I have always enjoyed a R&B style. I would like to try a nice mixture of hip-hop and R&B.
CL: It was nice being able to show different sides of us with our own performances. Lately, I’ve been interested in rock, so I would like to perform to a remix of hip-hop and rock music. I want to show a variety of different sides.
Gong Minzy: I was moved by all the love given to us during our individual activities. Personally, I would like to perform to a slow song while singing with a matching choreography.

-What is your reaction to the influx of different girl groups this year?
Sandara Park: There were many girl groups who made really deep impressions this year. They were all very cool too. Girl groups, fighting!
Gong Minzy: I remember all the names of the girl group members and their performances. That’s how deep of an impression the girl groups made this year.

-If you were given a one-week break after finishing your year-end schedule, what would you do?
CL: I want to find a roomy place where I can develop my creativity. I would visit an art museum, read books, and listen to a lot of music. Oh, and CEO Yang even promised to send the four of us on a vacation to the same place after the year ends. I will trust that he still remembers the promise, haha.
Park Bom: I would go to Boston in America, where I grew up, to meet friends and have fun.
Sandara Park: I would probably go to the Philippines. During the one week, I want to watch movies with friends, eat and chatter nonstop.
Gong Minzy: I would contact those who I was unable to meet in a long time. Also, I would want to travel.

-Because the members of 2NE1 don’t have boyfriends, many fans are curious to know your ideal types. What are they?
Park Bom: I like someone who will love only me. I don’t look at the outer appearance so much.
CL: My ideal type is someone with a style like Chin oppa and Teddy oppa. I like someone who is cautious, works hard at what he does and listens well.
Sandara Park: Among celebrities, I like Won Bin‘s or Kang Dong Won‘s style. They both seem smooth on the outside, but are tough on the outside.
Gong Minzy: Someone who looks pretty while smiling and is cautious.

-What are your plans for next year?
Park Bom: Although we consulted with our company, our plans are still uncertain. However, it is very possible that 2NE1’s first full album will be released early next year. When the album comes out, we really want to hold an independent concert.
CL: As we prepare for our full album, we hope to show a new image to everyone. Even it takes more time, our highest priority is to do our very best in ensuring that our first full album is flawless. Oh, and we revealed a musical concept during our special performance at ‘2009 MAMA.’ If the opportunity arises, I would like us to expand on this field.
Sandara Park: When I went to the Philippines after debuting in 2NE1, I noticed a lot of people who imitated our song and clothing. Additionally, there were many people who asked me if the other members of 2NE1 came along too. Although there is no concrete plan as of now, if given the opportunity, I would like for 2NE1 to go to the Philippines as a group. Oh, and since I also have interest in acting, I think it would be fun to play a similar role to that of Han Ye Seul sunbaenim in “Couple of Fantasy.” But, of course, activities with 2NE1 are my first priority right now.
Gong Minzy: Nothing is set in stone at the moment, but I will promise to show development from this year to the next.

Next year will be their year to shine so hopefully 2NE1 brings out all the stops and drop the cheap thrills.I’m ready to hear not only 2NE1 explore their musical potential but also Teddy.Remember YG also has Big Bang and Tae Yang making their comeback early next year.^_^


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