China WTF?

Racism will always exist in this world unless you can change the dynamics.Many don’t care or feel the issue is to sensitive but this plagues daily life for some people. I myself is a minority living in the U.S. So I can understand the hatred and pain racism can bring.Lou Jing is  a blasian women which means she is someone who is half Asian and half African.Her mother is Chinese and her father is African American.Lou Jing participated  in China’s Go!Oriental Angel and was receiving some rather rude comments from the host/hostess themselves.They kelp referring her as a ‘chocolate girl” and “black pearl” these comments are rather ridiculous in nature.Apparently Chinese netizens attack the poor girl after being on the show.Mostly due to her dead beat father and because simply she is dark skin.Most netizens are ruthless little bastards they have taken their nasty comments to far.I think Lou Jing is a good example of how Asia is changing.There is nothing wrong with interracial relation.There is a growing influence of Black/African American culture along with the prejudice.We live in a very small world and shouldn’t result to racial divisions.So to the few who are spreading racial hatred karma has it ways at getting back at those who breed hatred.The rest of us who are working to make this world a better place you have my highest respect. This is a new day and age for people, some day racism will no longer exist.Just a matter people like Lou Jing face harsh criticism with bravery and continue to live their lives freely.Regardless if they do not fit the norm of society.

This also reminds me of a documentary that was done in China then dub in English.A Chinese doctor marries an African native women.Quite romantic and very heart warming also shows not everyone in China is so close minded.

Source:AAtheory Organic.Intellectual


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