Taecyeon:Sexiest man in K-pop?

There is a lot of pretty faces and cutesy boys running around in the wonderful world of K-pop.I mean you have Tae Yang of Big Bang with that adorable face but soulful voice.1tym had Danny before he suffer an identity crisis and was going back and forth with being called Taebin.MBLAQ has Joon, once he appear in Ninja Assassin things just haven’t been the same.DBSK has JaeJoong who is straight out of a manga comic. Like I said right now you probably have a list of Korean male stars that you adore.There is a male idol star to fit every girl’s different taste but only one gets the universal thumbs up,2pm’sTaecyeon.So why him I mean fan girls still are crazy about Jaebeom even though he’s left the group.Lets not forget Junsu amazing voice and the rest of 2pm.Really Taeyeon is one hell of a lucky catch for any girl becomes the apple of his eye. I find myself drooling over Taecyeon so I did some investigation.Try to find out what makes Taecyeon so attractive and then narrow it down to six reason.Also I’m pretty freaking bored and I’m in some desperate need for eye candy.

#6). He’s Datable

There were rumors going around that SNSD’s Yoona was Taec secret girlfriend at this years SBS Gayo Deajun.I think 2pm fans would have a freaking riot if Taec was taken.Honesty seems like a guy you would know at school.That one guy that looks so good you would just stare in Ah.He has the ability to stop you dead in your tracks and make your heart flutter.It must be his winning smile or maybe he has such a positive glow.Jaebeom posses this type of charm without speaking a word.When 2pm first debut Taec was rather reserve but since Jaebeom leaving he is slowly coming out of his pretty shell.When you think about Taec is just a normal guy who like to have fun.He prove that on MNEt’s Scandal that allows K-pop idols date a normal person or each other for 7 days.

#5)He’s Got Talent

Okay that one is a given since in order to be part of 2pm you gotta sing and dance.Taec can hold his own without the other five being by his side.Baek Ji Young “My Ear’s Candy” Taec still had a strong presence.The song has gain much popularity and help fans to focus more on him as an individual.The more 2pm gets comfortable as being a 6 man band the more Taec seems to shine.Since the group has no leader this allow each member the opportunity  not only show case their singing abilities.Also allowing fans a more intimate look and a since of eagerness to explore all of them instead of just one of them.

#4) He is Humble

Those who are wise know showing humility verse arrogance will get  you further in life.Taec laid back personality is quite needed when your in a group with 5 other men. This is a common personality trait all K-pop stars must posses but their ugly heads will show.Thus far Taec hasn’t had any blow outs,fights or arguments with anybody.2pm as a whole hasn’t really gotten into any bad trouble minus Jaebeom.Taec most likely knows when its best to be aggressive and when assertiveness is more mature behavior.

#3 The Body

Who knew Taec was so buff,stocky, but a 6 pack?Taec isn’t a small guy nor very large just nicely built.He is slender but average weight size for a healthy young male.There is nothing to skinny on him for his muscles are well define.He isn’t to buff that he intimidates more than attract.Compare to the rest physically he’s got the right stuff and he didn’t skip any meals.Imagine him hugging you and how safe you would feel in his arms?Taec just a teddy bear I’m dieing to cuddle with even if its like for 3o seconds.

#2 That Face

Face wise Taec has very strong masculine features which makes him handsome.Those eyes I could stare into for days and never feel so lost.He has perfect eye brows that every woman would envy.I love those little cute ears that fit his head perfectly.His smile is so infectious like his personality nothing but positive.Taec has a boyish face but he is a male in his early 20’s.He has the right balance of looking mature without going to childish.His parents has bless him with a face that is hard to say “no” to.I can see why some many girls and even older women go gaga when Taec pic are being spam in forums.

#1 He’s Taec No Hype

Taec doesn’t need an introduction or wear outrageous clothing in order for you to focus on him.He has a confidence to him that I wish more male K-pop stars would posses.He is well aware he can be nothing more but simply eye candy for fan girls of all ages.Taec knows he is an attractive guy but doesn’t over do it or become a one man show.He is still loyal to 2pm and most likely will always be until the end of time.With that type of determination,good heart and a strong will Taec is the perfect guy.Thanks to guys like Taec the Asian male image is given a little boost.They aren’t weak men but strong men.They aren’t always moody but can be extremely charming.Women all over the world could fall for a guy like Taec easy regardless of his ethnicity. Asian men are sexy and should never be left out on “best looking’ list.Thank you Taecyeon for being yourself and an accidental hearth throb at the same time.

That was my 6 reasons,I had a girly girl moment.


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  1. Diana Li
    Apr 02, 2011 @ 17:32:18

    ahh im so happy you posted this! perfect reasoning for why im in love with taecyeon. be bored more often!! 🙂


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