DBSK Keep the Faith

There is a lot of doubt and suspension  about whether or not DBSK/TVXQ will split up.The lawsuit between JaeJoong,Yoochun,and Junsu hasn’t been settle or finalize yet they don’t want fans to get discourage.In a Korean Hearld Business paper the boys legal reps made this statement.

We have not heard of plans on the goodbye concert. Nothing is certain yet and we are still carrying on negotiations with the other party.”

With the lawsuits still active in South Korea the boys can not perform as a whole without SM permission.Unless its in Japan where SM does not own full copy rights to Tohoshinki.For the moment I guess Korean fans may just have to settle with solo project works.This lawsuit may take up majority of 2010 to rap up.I just hope they don’t break up period,keep your fingers cross.



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