Big Bang Vs Japanese Netizens

What is this netizens around the world annual jackass week or something? Big Bang who snag “Rookie of The Year” at this passing 42nd Japan Cable Daesung apparently anti fans are piss off to the hills.According to them a newcomer Japanese artist should had been honor not Korean boy band Big Bang.Two large popular internet blogging sites WorldWide Arts Show and 2CH receive nasty comments when news broke out of Big Bang win with “Let Me Hear Your Voice“.Many argue that up and coming artist Hilcrhyme should have won that with “Shunkashūtō.

Fans have two key points to their complaint that makes it hard not to reason with them.

  • Big Bang “Let Me Hear You Voice” only gross 41,000 unit sales verse Hilcrhyme “Shunkashūtō” that gross 108,000 unit sales.The award for “Rookie of The Year” is base on sales so this mean Hilcrhyme should have won no question ask.
  • Timing is the essence when it comes to most award shows.Hilcrhyme release his single back in September while Big Bang release theirs in November.

So I guess not everyone is so happy with Big Bang win and wanted things to be more fair.Thus far no one is going against Tohoshinki win so there is some agreements.I have to agree with the Japanese netizens because if this award show has base everything on unit sales then Hilcrhyme should have won.Some shady business must have happen behind the scenes but this isn’t YG fault more like Universal Music Japan.Take it up with the show producers,critics and executives at Universal Music Japan not Big Bang.



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