Wonder Girls have an Evil twin?

JYP has a pet project with an unknown Chinese girl group that is suppose to be similar to Korean girl group Wonder Girls.Like WG they have feminine style but in touch with their diva side.They are called the “Sisters” but are given the pet name “JYP Sisters.” A few videos spark up showing “Sisters” on a live show performing an r&b/pop song called  “Honey.”

The girls introduce themselves as Small Apple,Feifei(that’s cute),Sarah,Xiaofei,and Mengjia.Then the girls show off how they can shake it with Flo Rida “Low” Feat.T-pain.

I don’t know but most likely theses girls are still under training also perform another song “One Eye Open Close The Other.” Is that suppose to be similar to “One door open close the other?”

Then a karaoke to Wonder Girls”Nobody” remix

They aren’t copy cats but created by JYP  similar to Wonder Girls but for Chinese C-pop fans.I don’t understand the idea of having similar bands.SM has Super Junior which their female version is SNSD.YG ahs Big Bang then 2NE1 that are the same.Then you have these random copycat acts popping up like 2NE1 and Candy Mafia from Thailand.Then Big Bang with Chinese group OK-Bang.There is most likely hundreds of copycats and similar groups out there produce by these entertainments labels.What is happening to productive creativity has everyone SELL OUT?



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