G-Dragon:Fight The Power!

Last year should have been the year of G-Dragon wonderful solo coming.In a way it was with the release of HeartBreaker that was South Korea’s top-selling album.This album had official made G-Dragon an artist but a target.First was the rumors of plagiarism of the album main single “HeartBreaker” similar to Flo Rida “Right Around.” Also “Butterfly” similar to Oasis “She’s Electric.” This cause a witch hunt to find out what other songs YG could had possibly plagiarize.Despite all this drama G-Dragon’s album still dominated the charts and music channels.Seems for a while G-Dragon was scotch free from bad publicity then the Ministry of Heath of Welfaree drop a bomb.His album could no longer be distribute(purchase) by minors under the age of 19.This all coming a little to late since the album was drop back in August and age restriction was given several months afterwords. Since G-Dragon album was deem inappropriate for a young audience hearing. You would think a wise move was to place an age restriction on his solo concert Shine A Light. There was no age restriction and one performance  that had the Ministry of Health and Welfare infuriated .

  • G-Dragon dry hump one of his female back up dancers for “Breathe”

This has stop the Shine A Light Mini tour and place G-Dragon under serious investigation.Even though YG apologize in G-Dragon’s behalf this almost seems like a bad move.G-Dragon and YG were well aware of the mature rating on the album.That songs on the album had sexual content or any other content that was to inappropriate.The live show was going to simulate any sexual acts or music that is consider adult viewing only then it would have been wise to place that age restriction.YG did non of that and allow the concert to have minors present.Allowing G-Dragon to do what ever he plan on doing but making him a target for Ministry of Health and Welfare. I understand G-Dragon wants his artistic freedom but be careful how you go about achieving that goal.

Seems now G-Dragon is Knee deep in poop because of that one performance.G-Dragon has seriously violated the Youth protection laws in South Korea.This mean G-Dragon may have to go to court and defend himself if the concert consider obscene.

“The investigation is in the stage of collecting and reviewing all the data we have on the case. G-Dragon’s summoning is still pending but will be decided shortly.”

If G-Dragon is found guilty this could mean he can not perform up to a year,pay a $200,000 fine and possibly spend time in jail.A rep for YG had this to say

YG will aid the case in this investigation and will handle it on behalf of G-Dragon. However, we will accept the the decision and take upon full responsibility of any legal actions.”

I’m disappointed how YG has handle this situation in the first place.They should have place an age restriction at teh concert to avoided this type of legal hassle.I think the Ministry of Health and Welfare would have come after G-Dragon for performing inappropriate music not his performance if it was tone down before hand.I”m suspicious if YG allow the “Breathe” performance as is to create publicity. This isn’t the first time YG has down some questionable PR to gain media attention.They have gone to far and didn’t protect G-Dragon properly.I don’t want G-Dragon to go to jail nor sentence to a years worth of non performing.He is a musician that is his lively hood but he put that all at risk.

There is shift in an attitudes with Korean pop starts and their label.With the lawsuits against SM seems label over there can do some serious shady and nasty things behind their artist backs.I think with G-Dragon case there would be a shift in concert performances.Even though the committee want G-Dragon to be their poster child for stopping obscenity.Many fans are ready to fight against their power to in jail him.

In order for a performance to be filed for being obscene, the audience must agree to it. However, the concert was not obscene to the viewers and none of us were sexually offended. We can not let a single performance degrade the quality of the whole concert.

This seems to counter act Ministry of Health and Welfare reasoning for pressing charges against G-Dragon in the first place.fans did not feel the content was obscene the only thing the Ministry  can argue is that the music was inappropriate.Meaning he may have to pay a minor fine and that is it no jail time.The case is still in its infancy I hope G-Dragon is clear of ANY charges. Also YG to seriously change their mood and take their artist welfare more seriously.This only reflects bad on G-Dragon but their company as a whole in the public eye.

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  1. Дуринова Екатерина
    Jan 11, 2010 @ 01:04:16

    GD! we love you!!!!You are the BEST!!!


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