Tae Yang & Thelma “Fall In Love”

Back in 09 Korean mega boy band Big Bang invaded  Japan with their self tilted (Japanese/English)album.With hits like “Gara Gara Go,”Number 1” and “Sunset Glow” Big Bang has establish a solid fan base.Seems like a smart move for J-pop singer Thelma Aoyama team up with Big Bang’s most popular member and soloist SoL aka Tae Yang for “Fall In Love.” The PV was just release and single. I must say the two never behave like a couple but like separated pop artist.That may seem a little odd since it lacks theatrics but nothing to serious to be annoyed about.Music wise its a nice little pop song that can possibly break Oricon Top 10 in unit sales.Lets not forget Tae Yang is still working on his second solo album Real and has team up with YG producer extraordinaire Teddy Park along with others.He tease us with “Where u At” and “Wedding Dress” both having MVs and minor music show promotions.


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