Maximum The Hormone

If your a Death Note fan then you known this band with their opener “What’s Up People” and ending “Zetsubou Billy” for the anime TV series.The group is a nu metal band they are one of my favorites.The group remain active through rock festivals all over the world.Yes they are international stars thanks to metal fans who know good music.The group perform”Tsume Tsume Tsume” last year at MTV Video Music Awards Japan.”Tsume Tsume Tsume” snag them “Best Rock Video.”They also perform with heavy metal British acts like Bring Me The Horizon(BMTH) and Blessed  By The Broken.The group consist of four members  Maximum the Ryo-Kun(guitar/vocalist),Daisuke-han(lead vocals),Uehara Futoshi(bass/back up vocals) and Nao(drums/female vocals).Maximum The Hormone is on hiatus for now Nao is pregnant.

MySpace Page


“Whats Up People” PV Death Note open theme for TV series

“Zetsubou Billy” PV Death Note ending theme for TV series

“Tsume Tsume Tsume”

Minoreba Rock


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