Am I the only one who is growing so IMPATIENT with these so called new solo albums/comebacks.YG is know for making speedy production but lately they have taken this so slowly.YG has much line up for 2010 and only 12 months to deliver all this excitement.G-Dragon is still under investigation lets hope this doesn’t affect Big Show Concert.The new banner is up and  I’m wishing  I was in Seoul right now not lame ass Florida.

Tae Yang and Daesung keep fans entertain on Strong Heart shouldn’t they be focus on Big Bang new album.Most of you are sorta confuse on how I can pick on YG then be a fan.You must understand I sorta live up my nickname as being a Spaz.I like YG and some of their artist I just can’t stand the label  sometimes for misrepresenting or not supporting their artist enough.YG being the only mainstream hip hop label that is internationally recognize but they do screw up time to time.Some can be forgiven but other times its hard to agree or support their creative logic of publicity.

The year 2010 is to promise new things but I think the label might be working on over drive.2NE1 new album should have come out back in November but instead they settle for solo songs/CF endorsement.A smart move to allow the girls image mature but individually.I couldn’t see 2NE1 pushing for a new album already without fully soaking in the success of the first EP.Although 2NE1 self title EP was good it just lack a strong stability on the charts. Teddy Park lead producer and Kush work day and night to make this album a break out hit. Even if the hype only last till end of 09.If you compare Teddy and Kush work from previous albums and artists to their only personally groups 1tym and Stony Skunk.It was quite obvious to see this was a new venture for both producers.Teddy mostly a hip hop and r&b lover not big on making pop.The producer who train him Perry has more diversity since he started with YG and Yang Hyun Suk when label was still in its infancy.Kush from the duo hip hop reggae group Stony Sunk and has receive the same type of training like Teddy.In fact that is the only thing they have in common with 2NE1. Is that they went under YG harsh but well focus training in order to make them idol stars in an industry that wont except them.I’m dieing to hear 2NE1 go to the next level sound and vocal wise on the new album.They played it safe with catchy pop songs but Yang Hyun Suk phrase them on being different.I just wanna see him practice what he preaches and allow 2NE1 be the pioneers for new K-pop generation.

Big Bang never fails to impress me and is more diverse than 2NE1 or any artist under YG.When they first debut they played it safe but since then has branch out to becoming South Korea’s top boy band.I try not to be so doubtful about Big Bang future but the trend in K-pop is quite repetitive.G-Dragon solo HeartBreaker was a hit but was plague with plagiarism rumors.Shine A Light is still selling out merchandise left and right but the controversy of him going to jail is too much to bare.Fans don’t wanna see the fashionista dress in a bright orange jumpsuit with an inmate number instead of his infamous name.Whether G-Dragon was trying to prove a point or was just busted for not following the law properly doesn’t matter.Something like this can ruin his career and YG reputation as a respectable record company/management firm.I don’t see him going to jail but if he does a protest would happen and YG fans would highly be disappointed with the label as a whole.SM has lawsuits or artist wanting to claim better wages and treatment at least they aren’t risking going to jail or losing the right to perform.

Many solos are to come out Tae Yang who drop “Where U At” and “Wedding Dress.” Reports say that more than one master mind producer would be working on Tae Yang solo album Real.Teddy Park  produce Tae Yang first solo EP Hot that feature “Prayer” and “Only Look At Me” but also his recent solo singles.YG wants to give Tae Yang a real artist treatment by allowing more than one producer creative sound  on the album.Teddy is an excellent producer but that is too much for one man to handle by himself.Also with more producers this allow more diversity sound wise.I can recognize not only Tae Yang songs with his vocals but Teddy work with out his credit.There is a certain sound or styling to his music and chords arrangements I’m starting to notice.With G-Dragon solo album HeartBreaker feature many different producers I heard  musically.You can’t say I’m not a die-hard YG fan if I couldn’t tell what was originally done by YG and outside influences.I’m only capable of doing this without  familiarizing  myself on how each producer strictly sign to label  develop their unique sound.Also cross examining their own groups or individual work not feature by YG.

TOP  main rapper for Big Bang is also to come out with a solo single or mini album this year.TOP sign to a second season of IRIS and is working on Big Bang album I wonder how he is gonna fit that solo act into his hectic schedule.He is also in preparing himself for college and double majoring in theater and film.Then  star in a new movie this year Into the Gunfire not dates yet for release.The same for Daesung who last year was to have a solo release but the car accident,debuting on Broadway(Cats),Big Bang Japanese album and his variety show appearances he didn’t have the time.Daesung is to explore musically as a trot singer I see the same pattern develop this year for him.Thus far for Seungri has no plans for another solo song.He is enter Chung-Ang University in the spring and like TOP school would be another priority to juggle.

So YG looks likes artists are starting to move forward but all that means a lot more on their plates.YG is taking consideration that personally each sign artist can not for fill lengthy promotions periods.You can not place the pressure on three main producers who also have lives.Nothing is really  promising this year so I’m prepare if things turn out disappointing.That isn’t something nice to say.Just because you’re giving your producers and marketing team more time doesn’t mean you’ll get better results.If your artist have outside responsibilities to take care of that still distracts them from their main job.When you look at it YG has one of the hardest,toughest and loyal working artists I ever seen who usually delivers.I’m keeping my fingers cross for those solo debuts from TOP and Deasung.I’m keeping an open mind to 2NE1 new album and Big Bang.I’m trying my hardest to wish for more comebacks from YG artist from past that built this label like Junisean,1tym,Se7en,Taebin and YMGA.I’m not a patient person but I think this year I need to learn that characteristic along with some humility.


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