SNSD Ready To Sue

SNSD aka Girls’ Generation is popular with hits like “Gee” and “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” has made them extremely will known all over South Korea.Fan girls worship them and fan boys fantasize about the lovely ladies one over zealous fan might have went to far.Yoon Seoh In has created some questionable cartoon drawings featuring SNSD called Joy Ride 529 Past Pictures.

  • Photo on the left show SNSD taking an exam for police officials  used during  Chosum era looking a little kinky.While the bottom of that same photo titled Lady Generation Beating Rice Cakes for New Year’s Picture show them beating rice cakes around a boy.”Beating Rice Cakes” implying a sexual act,I think you can figure out what kind.
  • The second drawing is a cartoon  drawn last year by the same guy.I guess his favorite members or something like that including some raunchy comedy.

Yoon Seoh In isn’t becoming a popular cartoonist more like a menace.He tried cleansing himself from having a bad reputation by stating words of apology to SNSD and fans.

“This cartoon was drawn as a direct interpretation of news stories that were written about how girl groups are often used to fish for fans via sex appeal. But my intentions were misrepresented by the news reports that were released about my cartoon, so it is better off that it is removed. My intentions were not expressed properly and it is my fault. I’m sorry about the scandal that has risen because of this and I would also like to express my apologies to everyone who has seen this cartoon.”

SM for some reason isn’t buying into Yoon Seoh In words of apology.They’re willing to take this man to court under sexual harassment claims.

“We were unable to respond quickly as we were doing research on the artist of the drawing, as well as on the portal site for legal review. Although he apologized stating that his intentions were misunderstood, he never apologized in regards to SNSD. Therefore we will respond after legal review.”

SM themselves are under pressure and still in a legal battle with DBSK members JaeJoong,Yoochin and Junsu including Super Junior Hankyung.This is Seoh In seconds sexual offensive cartoon and SM wanna make it his last.SNSD is known for being a little sexy but this cartoon doesn’t scream out sexual harassment.There is some suggestive and misleading statements but I don’t think its enough to hold a lawsuit.Seoh In may have to pay a fine for his odd artwork and suffer public humiliation but no jail time or court proceedings.


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