Ahn Trio

I spotted these girls after reading on concert events happening in my local area.I live in Palmetto just 50 minutes away from Sarasota which is consider one of the richest cities in the U.S.I love going to Sarasota for two reasons a) SHOPPING and b) the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall.Us locals call Van Wezel the “purple cow” cause its just a huge purple painted theater that is some what oval shape on top. My memories of going there was to see plays,operas and live string performances by the nations best orchestra.Lately I haven’t been able to go but the Ahn Trio will perform their 22nd of January.

The Ahn Trio are a group of traditional train classical string instrumentalist.Which I’m excited to read and hear since I play string instrument myself (up right bass).The group consist of three leading females  Lucia Ahn (pianist),Angella Ahn(violinist) and Maria Ahn(cellist).Their musical range is from classical,jazz and even hip hop.No vocals,auto tune or lead singers strictly the old fashion way.The Ahn Trio has gain international attention for being one of the few break out groups that performs classical music along with modern composing.I hope you guys will enjoy and appreciate Ahn Trio form of music. I know classical music isn’t a popular genre and often times misunderstood.Realize that classical music is one of your first universal recognize/organize genre of music that could be broken into genres fitted for that era or composer.The Ahn Trio are quite unique in every form by mixing old with the new classical string music.Please give them your ear and undivided attention you may like what you hear.

MySpace Page

Official Website

Dies Irie

Ahn Trio Lullaby For My favorite Insomniac


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