T-ara Donates 10k To Haiti

Unless you’ve been living under a rock Haiti was struck with a 7.0 earthquake.That has left the small island nation into total ruins.The body count is in the hundreds many have come to aid and find relief for those devastated by the event.T-ara known for hits like “Bo Peep Bo Peep” is donating $10,000 of their earning from onegamenet and t-aradotcom instead of pocketing.

We were so saddened when we found out information about the situation in Haiti through the news. We couldn’t just ignore it. All of us discussed things over with our company. We told our company, “We know we’re still rookies but we want to help, even if it’s not much. We want to be part of the people that are donating. Please allow this for us.

What I find most shocking is the comments people have left behind in regarding of T-ara large donations.That this could be some publicity stunt to brush up their image.While others respectably thank T-ara for their generations donation even though they didn’t have to donate any money in the first place.Ever since the Haiti earthquake I notice the crude selfishness people have that is down right disputable.Doesn’t matter if this is some publicity stunt the real question is “What are you doing to help people suffering in Haiti?” I notice the ones who judge others and question a good deed usually are to self centered to help themselves.Nobody should be judging each other but sticking to main focus which is to help Haiti.You don’t have to be like T-ara and donate 10k but just $10.00 can help also.

Text “Haiti” to 90999 or visit redcross.org

I’m sorry if I offended anyone but as a daughter,sister and grand daughter to U.S vets/service men and was raise to be charitable this type of foolishness gets underneath my skin.


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