Jaebeom Remains Negative One

Back on September 4th 2009 Jaebeom(Jay Park) has ended his reign as 2pm’s leader.After MySpace comments were leak out from 4 years back from a young Jay Park in training.Insulting Koreans and venting out personal frustrations he had about the mainland culture. Since then a protest group called the “Hottest” petition,sticky note,sent letters,gifts and even air message for the leader to return.Almost reaching 5 months of Jaeboem disbandment from 2pm still is a hot topic in Korean press.A Korean online news site called Metroseoul release this statement in regarding for an up and coming press conference from JYP Entertainment.

2PM’s agency JYP Entertainment will be making a company announcement on the course of action for Jaebum. An associate stated that JYPE will be holding a press conference on the 24th, although the actual content of the conference is not yet revealed.

There are two possible topics that the conference could touch on. 2PM Jaebum’s complete withdrawal or a return sounds like a reasonable guess since the company’s official stance has been much requested.

First, the possibility for Jaebum’s return is that the public and press alike believe that it is the perfect time for his return. The boycott stance that the fans took after Jaebum’s leave last September has put much pressure on the company.

On the 15th, 2PM’s gyopo fans even put out an ad in a Los Angeles newspaper, proving that the interest and attention of fans have yet to be answered and that JYPE must come out with an official statement. On the 17th, 2PM also completed their first album promotions and there is much hope that Jaebum will be a part of their coming album release.

However, apart from these speculations, there lies a heavier weight on the fans. The press conference was originally set to be on the 21st but since it was the day of 2AM’s album release, the conference was delayed to the 24th after their STV ‘Inkigayo’ comeback performance.

It appears to be a tactic to prevent bad news in the face of 2AM’s return, as the company fully knows that 2PM fans alike are supporting 2AM. Although there has yet to be an official announcement or background on Jaebum’s complete withdrawal, should JYPE reveal it on the 24th, the music world will surely be shaken up again.

By reading the following statement it only implies Jaeboem possibility of being an issue JYPE wants to address.This has caused quite a fire storm in Seoul as more news base sites start releasing statements of their own.Naver.com disregards Metroseoul and release an unofficial statement that the press conference will not be focus on Jabeom but 2am new promotions.Starnews.com release a statement by JYPE associate to set the record straight.

The agency of 2PM’s former member Park Jaebeom, JYP Entertainment,
has denied reports of a press conference on the 24th stating, “No.”

An associate of JYPE stated through an interview with Money Today on the 21st, “We do not have any plans on releasing information about Jaebeom’s current course of action or the company’s official stance.”

Other associates of JYPE also stated, “We have yet to hear anything regarding the company’s official announcement regarding Jaebeom.”

Seem pretty black and white JYP is not talking about Jaebeom.The company haven’t spoken about Jaeboem since is departure.Even though 2pm members,other K-pop stars,fans,networks and JYP himself has deeply vent out  disagreements with him leaving but respect his decision.Jaebeom who goes by his real name Jay Park remains faithful to his new break dance boy group Art of Movement (AOM).Youtube videos have pop up of Jaebeom sporting homemade T-shits from fans but shows no sign of returning to 2pm.For the moment 2pm has end their 1:59 promotions period while 2am starts preparations for a new album.


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