C.N Blue vs Ynot

Last year YG entertainment was under fire by Sony for accusations of plagiarism.Big Bang’s “With U”,G-Dragon’s “HeatBreaker”, and 2NE1’s “I Don’t care” where place under suspicion.Head C.E.O and public figure for the label Yang Hyun Suk release a lengthy statement  along with 2NE1 main producer Teddy to put an end to all plagiarism accusation.Although Sony press the issue of placing each artist music under investigation no real legal action happen against either company.The days of plagiarism is really not over and C.N Blue are the new targets.Their hit singe “I’m A Loner” has won them popularity quickly but many are questioning whether this is an original.Some over zealous fans question the groups new single and compare it to Ynot’s “Blue Bird.”

FNC Music C.N Blue management/entertainment firm release statements immediately quieting  plagiarism rumors.

“Unbelievable. They are barely similar. The only similarities are the chords in the introduction and the style of music. If ‘I’m a loner’ has a similarity controversy for these reasons, then all the music on this planet will never be free from such controversy.”

“Plagiarism can only be determined by the courts ruling. There hasn’t even been a court ruling but the media is already throwing around such hot words. We plan to take appropriate measures against these outlets.”

“Ynot claimed in an interview that they didn’t want ‘noise marketing’, however, if that was really the case, they would’ve approached the composer or producer first. If their true motives were to raise their awareness by riding on the coattails of CNBLUE’s rising popularity and fame, they will have to take responsibility for their actions.”

Like YG,FNC Music is not dealing with an on going battle over plagiarism accusations.For many K-pop fans this seems like 09 all over again but with a total different genre of music.If there is no legal action taken against the FNC Music and C.N.Blue then there’s nothing really to argue about.2010 almost started off with a good start but you know there has to be some bullocks to pop up in K-pop.


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