HyunA”Change” Craze

That’s right kids floating around on YouTube you find some interesting stuff.K-pop has a presence that continues to grow by the minute.No longer will K-pop just be for South Korean and other neighboring countries.Like Wonder Girls there is a cult following of dance covers,remixes and outstanding beat boxing  skills.Independent bloggers like me and fanatics hardly ever get notice.So I’m taking out the time to find outstanding fans who appreciate K-pop and Asian music.

The Beatboxing Hitman Two is known for doing difficult K-pop dance songs and for his off sense humor.

Tankwon Shinobi does a trumpet mix to the song…..that is hard to do without a cheat sheet.

While a dance cover got my attention,the guy in yellow shirt is to much but has ever move down.

While solo dance covers like Youdikha makes me so jealous,I can’t dance like that without looking like an idiot.

Nyingone may just have the best accurate cover and chest popping I ever seen.Go Girl!

“Change” is in Korean Xnengnengx boldly sings the song in English.

While some sing a long to the track but in perfect pronunciations like Choconettie.Listening to me singing Korean sounds like chickens being strangle.

That’s only a fraction of HyunA “Change” tributes but those were the most outstanding ones circling around on YouTube.


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