G-Dragon Speaks His Peace

G-Dragon is known for being the main rapper and band leader for Korean boy group Big Bang.G-Dragon has always creatively written lyrics for the group in the past. Back in 09 the young musician wanted to extend his virtues.In August he drop his first solo album HeartBreaker that future the album’s break out single “HeartBreaker.” Even during the album’s preparation  period rumors of plagiarism began to accumulate.Despite this HeartBreaker was a break out success in album sales across the South Korean nation.This embark a new chapter for G-Dragon and the ability to have a solo concert.A few months before G-Dragon fist solo concert the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Youth Protection find some of the lyrical content to adult and place a 19+ age restriction for purchase.On December 6th G-Dragon hold his first solo concert Shine A Light.During the concert two questionable performances took place that has complete stop any further concert activities.

During “Breathe” performance seem G-Dragon engage with a back up female dancer a sexual stimulation act.

A questionable viral video display before “She’s Gone’ that feature domestic violence of a women being stab to death.

    These two acts were performed in front of audience that was full of minors.Because of this the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Youth Protection has place Shine A Light under investigation.Only prosecutors assign by both committees and reps form YG Entertainment spoke on G-Dragon’s behalf as defense statements about the issue.If found guilty G-Dragon can pay up to a hefty fine worth 200,000 or more.If convicted of  a harsher offense can not perform up to a year or spend time in jail.Concert goers and out rage fans have created a petition to vocalize their support.First time since the investigation G-Dragon speaks more in-depth on his emotions and opinions thus far on the case.

    I’m a popular artist for the public. I believe in how the public judges me. It’s my fault if the public felt what I intended was too much or too inappropriate. But it wasn’t a concert that was aired to the public so I wanted to show a more fierce and memorable side. I’m so sad that things weren’t accepted the way I intended them to be accepted.

    I really ran straight forward to get to this solo concert since I was a young kid. I might be saying this because I’m still young but after the concert I thought to myself, “I don’t want anything else.” But then the next day, I only saw criticism on the internet so my heart felt like it was breaking.

    A fake laugh came out instead of tears as I asked myself, “Wherever I go, will I be criticized?” All I wanted was to show the audience various sides of me. I showed many images of myself during my performances, including a cheerful look and a cool look; why was only this part highlighted and made into an incident? The press articles of the media used such strong words in the headlines, and when I realized that my parents would see the articles, I felt embarrassed and disappointed.

    I didn’t think too much. But I wish people wouldn’t judge so quickly and pessimistically. The song Breathe is about not wanting to wake up because your ideal type keeps appearing in your dream. The song has a fantasy theme so I wanted to use the bed to show someone who’s lost in his dreams. To the public, it came off as something too sexual. I thought to myself, “I’m not like that but I guess it seemed that way to people.”

    Whether people give positive or negative comments, they are taking interest in me. If someone tells me I did something wrong, I take it as a comment to help me fix my ways. I’ll listen to what everyone’s saying and use it to help improve the next album. I’ll do my best with the Big Bang album coming out later this year.

    There is no doubt in my mind G-Dragon understand what is going on and worry fans.You must put all the pieces of the puzzle together and realize G-Dragon is the only one facing this kinda of scrutinize need for censorship.G-Dragon may not have been the first but  being made example of for exercising different taste in visual artistry.You can not place all the blame and pressure on him when YG Entertainment should had recommend him better during production of the concert.In the end only G-Dragon publicly  crucified for his action and blatant disregard to South Korea’s harsh censorship laws. Do you think G-dragon should simply deserve a slap on the wrist or the Ministry of Health and Welfare along with Youth Protections have a right to press charges?


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