KiBum Where U At?

Lets just face it seeing Super Junior four man down at recent awards shows concert events is quite disappointing.While four missing men remain quiet or only allow lawyers to speak Kibum wants to clear the air.On why he hasn’t been out promoting his fellow band and his emotional state of mind.

“I get over my sorrow about not being able to work with my members by acting.”

“Because I’m not on stage a lot, people say [that I’m the mysterious member of Super Junior],” Kibum said. “I focus on acting so I may look a bit mysterious.

“I want to be a good person, a perfect person. Of course I want to become a great actor. I look up to Song Kang Ho, Sul Kyung Goo and Choi Min Shik.”

Kibum is serious about further his acting career and has place Super Junior on the back burner.Its all good as long SM will allow this to happen.Kibum hasn’t been kick out of the group which has Elfs feeling at ease.Kibum could only speak mostly about himself Hankyung lawsuit is still continuing.While Kangin and Heechul lay low for the moment and SuJu perform as only nine.



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