We Still Love You Sun Mi

The past few days I’ve read up on reports claiming that Wonder Girls member Sun Mi has left.Before it was just rumors now JYP has official made it a true statement.Korean netizens are quite angry that Sun Mi has decide to leave and blame it on Wonder Girls attempt to break in the U.S market.Sources and according to news reports Sun Mi simply wants to further her education and be closer to her family.The Korean netizens and critics have bashed not only Sun Mi but JYP for allowing this to happen.Sun Mi was quickly replaced by a trainee name Hye-Rim who is multicultural and speaks English,Korean,Mandarin,and Cantonese.Also sources claim the Sun Mi main reason for leaving because JYP was preventing her from finishing her school.By withdrawing her from classes and forcing her to drop out without her family’s permission.Statements from outrage fans had this to say.

“Sunmi’s withdrawal was a direct result of JYP’s personal desires. Nothing is resolved by replacing Sunmi with another girl. Is breaking into the American market a dream of JYP or the Wonder Girls? It’s really bad if JYP is neglecting the needs of young girls by satisfying his dreams and using them as a tool.”

Everything seems hear say or rumored around as being the truth.Since this happen many bloggers cross-reference to past JYP protegé long been forgotten.Female signer J-Lim and male singer G-Soul both were being train by JYP but fail to début.

“After Lim Jeong Hee was sacrificed, it’s very sad that it has happened again. Sunmi is JYP’s next sacrificial lamb.”

Also about 4minute member turn soloist HyunA,Jaebeom(Jay Park) and Bi(Rain)

“If you notice, JYP might be a great producer and singer, but he isn’t that good at managing relations. We all know what happened with Rain, Jaebeom and HyunA in the past. He just let them go easily although he still remains on good terms with them. Perhaps he is just too kind-hearted.”

I can understand the Korean netizens outrage but you are forgetting this isn’t all JYP fault.He can not force someone to say or do better if they don’t have the drive and or desire.HyunA who was in Wonder Girls back in 07  left due health problems and replace quickly by Yoo Bin.At the time she could not fully dedicate herself to the group.Obvious HyunA focus on better health and made a comeback with Cube Entertainment.JYP sister company and début with 4minute which gave her the opportunity to have her first solo single “Change.”

2pm Jaebeom wasn’t  replace because they’re situation was far more complex.Jaebeom reasoning for leaving was due to extreme public humiliations.Over MySpace comments he made during his training period that completely insulted native Korean people.I large majority protest against Jaebeom presence in the group and felt betrayed.Korean nationalist were so strongly against him created petition for him to commit suicide.Jaeboem had no choice but to leave the group to stop anymore discrimination against 2pm and slander of his name.Since then Jaebeom who go by his real name Jay Park is in a b-boy group called Art of Movement.

Bi(Rain) is JYP most advance and top protegé  their relationship ended after a concert promoter in Hawaii sue.Rain had already plan to break away from JYP and create his own entertainment label.By doing this Rain has focus other aspects of his career more in detail.Rain no longer following the orders of  demanding contracts from JYP. Rain created his own label J.Tune Entertainment but remains in good contact with JYP Entertainment..Which  only has one sign K-pop act MBLAQ including Rain himself.Since departing with JYP Rain has his own clothing line and  the main star in his first American movie Ninja Assassin.Rain has positively move on but if it wasn’t for proper guidance and a few business mistakes brought by JYP he wouldn’t be so knowledgeable.

Sun Mi leaving the group is devastating she has decide to take a different career path.Sun Mi has made education her first priority  instead of being in an international group.Korean netizens fail to understand that K-pop stars are people who have families and other goals they want to pursue in their life.JYP speedy replacement was a business move nothing personal.It’s not JYP responsibility to hold anyone back or stop them from leaving.That is a personal rational decision an artist or trainee must make for themselves.No one force Sun Mi to join Wonder Girls and no one will force her to stay.I support Sun Mi final decisions and wish her a happy peaceful life.Others should do the same instead of insulting her or JYP.

Source:Quotes AllKpop,Hye-Rim infoPopSeoul,Seoulbeats


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mylia
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 05:40:30

    I still love you Sun Mi
    Please do not go!!!!!!
    i’m u’r huge fans ever baby


  2. Jihan
    Sep 15, 2010 @ 23:34:03

    yeah…. i still love you!!! please don’t go!
    nothing can replace you!!!! you is my BFF and mandu BFF! you is my idol! i’m so sad because you go! but, i always support for you, mimi! FIGHTING!!!
    lim is not beauty… 😦


  3. fajar jajuli
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 06:45:59

    im still your big fans, though you arent at WG anymore..


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