Beware of the Gyoza Drops

I very rarely talk about Asian food because Chinese take out everyone knows and can get from any where.In Bradenton/Palmetto area there is a lack of Asian cuisine restaurants big time.There is a few Chinese/Asian base restaurant including two Japanese steak houses and NO Korean restaurant at all.There is only two Thai base restaurants between both cities.In order to get a taste of want mainlands Asians eat  you  have to order it online or head north Florida.

My mom’s friend who is a huge Bleach fan dare me one day to eat an odd Japanese fish flavor candy treat called Gyoza Tochigi.It taste exactly the way its sounds image tuna or any fish shape as a sour hard sweet candy minus the sweet taste.Once you start sucking on this fishy candy it hits you like a bowling ball.Leaves your breath stink with fish and you throat does go a little bit numb.I don’t know way Japanese people loves this its a total require taste.This Gyoza candy has been around since  World War II.

The picture doesn’t lie its does come in this can.There are  different flavors that represent different areas all over Japan.This seems the cheap man way to taste  Japanese seafood cuisine without actually going to an expensive  restaurant.I didn’t mind the candy but fish flavor almost knock me off my feet.If your gonna be brave and buy this little treat be careful.Make sure you have some back up mouth wash to get rid of that taste.Gyoza make  excellent gag gifts or friendly dare.There is also Wanko Soba or needle taste hard candy drops.

Click Here to order and find more tatsey treats


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