Jaebeom Gets No Peace

Back in September of 09 Jaeboem left one of Korea’s hottest boy band 2pm after myspace comments leaked out.His discontent with native Korean culture  struck a serious nerve with nationalist.Jaebeom quickly apologize for his past insulting comments but its wasn’t enough.Extreme back lash and petition requesting for Jaebeom to commit suicide left him no choice but to leave South Korea and 2pm.Since his departure a protest group called the “Hottest” has made several attempts to plead if not demand the leader to return.With sit in protest,sticky notes on JYP tower,sending gifts to Jaebeom’s church, flash mobs and airplane air message over Seattle Jaebeom home city.Jaebeom who is going by his real name Jay Park stay home bound and tight lip.Since his disbandment from 2pm has join an underground b-boy dance team called Art of Movement.Although 2pm continue as a six man pop group they still honor Jaebeom as their leader and appointed no one to replace him.

JYP has been at the center over the controversy and refuse to speak about Jaebeom’s return.Even though JYP in past television interviews stress his disapproval hasn’t pressure Jaebeom into returning.With the withdraw from ex-Wonder girls member Sun Mi the Hottest are sorta fed up with JYP and company light-hearted attitude.Is staging a protest to once again fight to have Jaebeom back with 2pm.

“On the 31st of January, starting from 1PM, we will have a nationwide protest for Park Jaebeom’s withdrawal status. The location will be Jong-ro 2-Ga, Seoul. I know you guys are busy, but please come and support.”

Jaebeom hasn’t shown any want to come back and JYP isn’t stressing the issue.Seems the Hottest are so much in denial they’ll do anything to get Jaebeom and JYP attention. The support of the Hottest is strong but at this point it’s becoming ridiculous.If Jaebeom doesn’t wanna come back he doesn’t have to come back that is choice.JYP has been taking large amount of backlash for allow Sun Mi to leave.This isn’t the 1950’s an artist can decide to leave when they want to.This behavior from Korean fans is so odd if not obsessive in nature.Korean fans are known for being more harsh if not flip sided on issue of  disbandment or lawsuits.I give Hottest my blessing but hope they would move on and be supportive fans for the remaining 2pm and leave JYP alone.JYP is the only company that isn’t being sued from mistreatment from their artists or unfair wages like SM Entertainment.Unlike YG Entertainment ALL artist are active and meeting their goals in South Korea and beyond.JYP is one of the best labels that is understanding but determine to make their artist(s) successful.This can only be achieve if that artist(s) is willing to put in the hard work and sacrifice.


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  1. Tia Lee
    Sep 28, 2010 @ 06:11:30

    Jae Boem I love you sarang hae yo 🙂


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