ZE:A(Child of Empire)Make No Sense?

My Korean isn’t good but my Yiddish isn’t either ZE:A(Child of Empire) still trying to make bank with “Mazeltov.” Personally to me there is to much auto tune and Korean/English going back in forth.I’m not good with my Korean but English parts just don’t make any sense.So I looked up the  lyrics to figure out this hot mess of a song is talking about. Special the part were its says” Latin girl,Mexican girl,Korean girl,Japan girl.” Don’t they know a “Latin girl” is the same as a “Mexican girl.” There is 21 Spanish speaking nations you damn idiots and I’m from one of them Puerto Rico.Often times called Latin hint Latinos or Hispanics.What my nation doesn’t get a shot out of Mazel Tov? To add insult Music Bank accidental misspelled “Mexican” which doesn’t help. What is a “Maxican” thank you Music Bank you sorta made ZE:A look like illiterate culturally challenge ignoramus.Better luck next time on those music channels.



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