More Asian Than You Think Part 2

The slang term for someone who is mostly Caucasian mix but with Asian and or Pacific Islander (Hawaiian) is call Hapa.A Hawaiian word meaning half or mixed blood. Most of the stars listed here are considered  multicultural or interracial mixed.Enjoy it! This is proof the world is becoming a smaller but more open place to live.

  1. Norah Jones (Indian/Caucasian)
  2. Nicole Scherzinger Pussycat Dolls (Filipino/Hawaiian/Russian)
  3. Karen Orzolek Yeah,Yeah,Yeah(Korean/Polish)
  4. Jessica Sutta PussyCat Dolls (Japanese/Russian/German/Welsh/English)
  5. Christina Auguilar (Filipino/Argentinian/French)
  6. Shakira singer (Lebanese/Colombian)
  7. Ai J-pop singer (Japanese/Italian)
  8. Aki Harada J-pop singer (Japanese/Irish)
  9. Carmit Bacher PussyCat Dolls (Chinese/Indonesian/Israeli/Dutch)
  10. Paula Adul singer ex-American Idol judge (Syrian/Jewish)

  1. Douglas Rodd Hoobastamk (Japanese/Scottish)
  2. Chino Moreno Deftones (Chinese/Native American/Mexican/Irish)
  3. Eddie Van Halen guitarist (Indonesian/German)
  4. Mike Shinoda Linkin Park,Artist (Japanese/Russian)
  5. Enrique Iglesies Latin pop singer (Filipino/Spanish)
  6. Kirk Hammett Metallica (Filipino/Caucasian)
  7. Mathew “Matt’ Kiichi Heafy Trivium (Japanese/Caucasian)


Photo Credit:Various sites search on Google *I don’t claim copyrights*


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