TVXQ “Break Out” Sells Out

Just when you think DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki couldn’t get any bigger your wrong.Although the lawsuit between JaeJonng,Junsu, and Yoochun verse SM entertainment is dragging out.The boys still remain Asia’s to male act thanks to “Break Out” feature on Best Selection 2010.The song has sold over 254,000 units beating the boys old overseas selling record of 70,000 units.Damn that’s a lot of green that should be coming their way like I said the lawsuit isn’t quite over yet.Yet I’m not surprise this song was such a mega hit and even beat international star and musically legend Sir Elton John.From his top selling single “Candles in The Wind”  sold 184,000 units dedicated to one of the most influential royalist of our century  Princess Diana.Who died tragically from fatal injuries receive after being in a car accident  August of 1997.The future of DBSK remains some what unclear and no performances schedule to promote Best Selection 2010 the group remains alive by dedicated fans all over Asia.


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