Aw plagiarism has this become so shallow trend to get international attention?Its a fact  K-pop has a growing  audience outside South Korea and surpassing the eastern side of the world.Music today is no longer safe within nations but can easy be preview and download with just one click of the mouse or pad.Because of this the music industry is facing its most toughest time finding financial stability and  originality.Digital technology has innovate the way we hear and view music but this is also Pandora box for other little naughty things.From remix covers,mix tapes,over sampling to down right theft of beats.Authenticity no longer exist creating a world-wide plague of plagiarism.This all makes perfect sense if a label and their top producers can find “inspiration” from another artist across the globe.Just having the ability to cleverly cover up is a skill label companies and  producers haven’t master.Unfortunately fans and listeners are sick or being fooled and it seems 2009 is repeating itself all over again.

Back in 09 YG entertainment was under fire when G -Dragon’s solo début hit “HeartBreaker” sound similar to American rapper Flo Rida’s “Right Around.” The act of plagiarism is shameful but to steal from a remix cover song to Dead or Alive’s “Spin Me Right Around(Like a Record)” just idiotic.The song your accused plagiarizing from isn’t even an original itself how embarrassing.YG claim its was a Swiss producer fault not really G-Dragons or theirs.G-Dragon wasn’t the only artist under YG place under fire 2NE1 also was slam.Their semi reggae generic pop r&B song ‘I Don’t Care” to similar Lionel Richie’s “Just Go” featuring Akon.This time “I Don’t Care” was  created by YG own producers Kush(Stony Skunk) and Teddy Park (1tym).Sony and EMI who has association with YG never went to court or press charges against one another.More hype than anything else or a bad publicity stunt to promote both artist.

With a new year comes fresh new victims  that are newbies or coming back.C.N. Blue “I’m A Loner” has K-pop fans turn into rock fans for a brief moment.Their single has won them a K-Chart award and crown them already top rookie of 2010.Indie pop rock group Ynot wasn’t so jaded by new C.N. Blue’s “I’m A Loner” having parts similar to “Blue Bird.” FNC Music C.N.Blue management slam Ynot for creating plagiarism controversy to get media attention. Ynot leader Jo Mong quickly rebuttal claim this issues isn’t between bands but songwriters.FNC Music apologize for slamming Ynot publicly but shows no action to give out the proper songwriting credits.This issue isn’t resolve but Jo Mong is thinking about taking legal actions against FNC Music.

U-Kiss back in November blow minds away with their 3rd comeback album Conti Kiss that features chart breaking single” 만만하니 – Man Man Ha Ni.” Just a day ago U-Kiss release their 4th CD except this time Only One is a full length album.U-Kiss release their  addictive dance track called “Round and Round (Bingeul Bingeul)[빙글빙글]” which is what you suspect from the boy band.Their full length album is only 3months shy from their last release.U-Kiss team up with top K-pop music producer extraordinaire Brave Brothers(Brave Sound).Brave Brothers has worked with the biggest of K-pop stars and has his own album Attitude that was release last year.One point Brave Brothers once work for  YG  making beats for mega boy band Big Bang.U-Kiss Only One album has already shot up to number 1 but  fans are already question its authenticity.

U-Kiss “Bang Bang Bang”  produce by Brave Brothers similar to Dancehall/Hip Hop-reggae rapper Sean Kingston’s “Fire Burning”

The track sound similar but until labels start fighting it out in the court room just hear-say.Starting to notice this annoying little trend going around in the world of K-pop world.Only top selling artist are getting so much backlash and accusation of plagiarism.This coming for a genre of music were only a fraction actually producer and write their own songs without label interference.Do your homework kids you find out a lot of K-pop stars special idol groups have little say or involvement into making any of their music.You can’t’ point the finger of plagiarism shame if they didn’t write the crap in the first place.Heaven sakes don’t blame the puppets but the puppet masters for not really giving a damn.The music industry itself is becoming one vast waste land of poorly constructed songs one after another.You’ll think Korean netizens would silence their constant bitching about plagiarism.That is one thing I respect the Korean netizenss and concern fans for having.They refuse to be cheated or let down by record labels who only view us fans/listeners as dollar signs.I don’t see plagiarism every stopping anytime soon but at least labels and artist are not  getting away with it.Even if it doesn’t hit the courtroom.

Source:AllKpop and Wiki


YouTube Video: 2222ne1


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