Wonder Girls leaving US

Say its isn’t so?No at least not totally leaving the U.S but they did cancel their American Tour for the moment.In order for replacement newbie member Hye Him,Hae Rim or whatever her name is  comfortable with performing along side Wonder Girls.JYP rep had this to say on recent withdrawal.

The Korean pop group Wonder Girls have cancelled their headlining. Tour of the United States, which was supposed to start at the end of February.

It seems all of these decisions were made after one of their members, the 18-year-old Sun Mi, called it quits last month to return to school. The CEO of the company that manages the group, JYP Entertainment’s Park Jin-young, first cancelled the U.S. tour and postponed their U.S. debut album release for April.

“The upcoming tour wasn’t going as planned and postponing their U.S. album release was an inevitable situation,” said a spokesman from JYP Entertainment.

Park’s decisions for the temporary break are seen as a way to give the 18-year-old Hye Rim, Sun Mi’s replacement, time to ease in to performing with the group. According to Park, they plan to resume their original plans after she’s completely adjusted

Don’t fret the girls will still perform at Pop-Con Concert with newbie member,few.


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