I’ve been question by  YG base fans a couple times about my fandom to the label and their artists.I don’t feel obligated to justified myself but people feel compel to press the issue.To define a true fan verse a brainwash one isn’t so difficult if not crude to point out.After reading up on a following on G-Dragon investigation thus far its soompi forum and the making of WW III.Devoted fans and many anti fans would agree G-Dragon Shine A Light sex performances fiasco is ridiculous.G-Dragon investigation is such a hot issue anyone who talks about it quickly goes into firing mode.After reading an  Allkpop blogger who goes by the name JOHNNYDORAMA might become infamous after displaying some dark humor.

G-Dragon interrogated for sexually explicit scene at concert

Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, was interrogated on the 4th for his sexually explicit bed scene at his first solo concert.

When asked about the sexually explicit bed scene, G-Dragon responded with, “I didn’t know it was that sexually explicit.”

When asked if he knew the song he performed, “She’s Gone,” was inappropriate for minors, G-Dragon responded, “I didn’t know.”

A representative of the district court stated, “G-Dragon has denied all charges. We are going to continue our investigation to determine whether G-Dragon’s actions are punishable by law. We plan to finalize our investigation by next week.”

This is great news so far… pending the outcome, the next time I have a sudden urge to hump a girl in public, I’ll just respond with “I didn’t know it was that sexually explicit.” I mean this is really great, I don’t even have to

The following article has not be altered but links have been disable.This is JOHNNYDORAMA own type words.Usually I just focus on the quotes but this blog entre has generated 750 comments and counting.I myself see nothing really out of the ordinary but YG fans alike are highly offended by this post.I though I was bad but  JOHNNYDORAMA takes the cake for baddest blogger on K-pop entertainment.As long the quotes are fact the rest it’s just oppositional information and self opinions.

G-Dragon statement is quite out of the ordinary if not him playing it dumb.

I didn’t know it was that sexually explicit.”

Really, G-Dragon you didn’t know but this could be a semi honest answer.The reason to place G-Dragon under investigation in the first place something that is dealing with morals.Ministry of Health and Welfare and Youth Protection never pointed out any charges.In fact this whole investigation is  to determine whether morally G-Dragon has done wrong.There is no nudity or any graphic sexual imagery that could be consider pornographic.You do not see G-Dragon actually have sex but on top of a women who is chain to a bed. A viral video of domestic violence during “She’s Gone” is questionable also but concert goers were well aware of G-Dragon possibly having explicit content.The viral video maybe the District  Court prosecutor strong point but there hasn’t been much emphases.If G-Dragon is morally being question than its wise for him to say” I didn’t see anything wrong” verse saying “its my artistic freedom.” The case it self is quite bias  and lacking strong evidence.A judge and jury should not use their moral compass but see if evidence support the facts of prosecutor or the defendant.What G-Dragon did was offensive but the extent of the investigation seems a total waste of time.G-Dragon should have paid a fine and that’s it no threat of jail time or probation.


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