Yeah a hip hop duo called Untouchable has beaten SNSD number #1 on the K-pop online music charts.I’m still learning and finding new K-pop artist daily but this group pass my radar.Finding info on this group is not easy.I guess you have to be a native to know about this duo.Most of my K-pop knowledge is only mainstream base. Untouchable formed back in 2003 with a American style hip hop.The group members names are Sleepy (Kim Sung Won) and the Action (Park Kyung Wook). Untouchable release their new single  “It’s Okay” featuring Hwayohi from Untouchable Vol 1.: Quite Storm and is developing a small following.This being 8 months shy from their last mini album title Oh.

It’s Okay feat.Hwayohi

Living in the Heart (가슴에살아) feat. Narsha Brow Eyed Girls

*Both songs are feature on Untouchable Vol.1 Quiet Storm*


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