2NE1 Ready For A Comeback?

They went from fierce to cute than back and forth and into the rabbit hole.I can’t figure out “Try To Copy Me” but apparently Music Core just as confuse.In the past MBC and YG Entertainment some how broke relations with each other.This was during G-Dragon  solo of a promising appearance that never happen.Which created bad blood between both company.The network announce they would no longer support YGE and their talented artists.In recent reports rumors been flying around that 2NE1 can help make amends of this dispute.With their new album coming around YG needs all the hype they can get without the bullocks.YG rep had this statement about a possible appearance by 2NE1 on Music Core.

“We’re still [discussing] 2NE1’s potential appearance on Music Core. It may not be official but it looks like they will part take in the show.”

To add more excitement there is another possibility that Big Bang will follow.Say what,don’t get to hype up kids its only Daesung and Seungri not all five boys.

“We want Daesung and Seungri to appear as MCs but we’ll have to double check Big Bang’s schedule to make sure.”

Lets not forget  Daesung and Seungri are well liked variety show stars now since Big Bang activity has died down.Seungri has no solo plans but Daesung does so this is like free publicity.I’m disappointed that YG entertainment would once again tie in Big Bang name and 2NE1 together.I sense some insecure marketing being used to promote “Try To Copy Me” for attention.2NE1 should be big enough were they no longer need Big Bang to shadow them,right?YG entertainment hasn’t said much about 2NE1 up coming album or even it’s title.So this is really trying to boost up “Try To Copy Me” digital sales.Regardless if 2NE1 doesn’t appear on Music Core YG has done an excellent job at making it a hot issue.I think they’re getting their stripes back but are being so indecisive.What about Tae Yang solo album Real?Fans are dying to hear whats being created so far.There has been no real details on TOP solo which is a working progress.Besides that untitled MV viral video teas at this passing Big Bang  Big Show.Damn YG now you’ve become teasers again.Enough already just deliver the goods that your promise back in November of last year.



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